Sunday, January 22, 2012

A chocolate succulent party

I had such fun designing and creating for an open house party. 
(the tables were nestled in the landscape)

 Two of my friends in the wedding business were showcasing an estate as a potential party site to the wedding industry.

(not a bad place for a party don't you think?)

Tonya of Soigne Productions and Jessica of Bijoux Events

 I got to create for it with no parameters...  how fun is that!
(I loved these glasses...)

I wanted to do something different this time and maybe include some of my props (since the photos from Melissa Musgrove were going to be great and boy are they!).

( here is some new lounge furniture I picked up)

The house is very Mediterranean and the garden had loads of beautiful succulents, unusual grasses and plants all in shades of green, caramel and coffee.  I took my cue from the landscape and echoed it onto the tables.
(the container above is an old industrial bread pan)

(this container is an antique Chinese wooden tray)

Of course I had to have a few lovely flowers...

 The ceremony had an old world feel to it, it was fun to think of my imaginary couple as world travelers.
(there was a lovely view from this part of the pathway so we chose to set the ceremony up here)

(the left side of the ceremony area)

(the right side of the ceremony area)

(detail of the right side of the ceremony area)

(the entrance to the aisle)
My pretend couple are definitely tailored and not fussy (or girly like so much of my floral work, why they chose me to do their tailored wedding is beyond me... HA!...).  Well surprises to me...  I am pleased with the results.  Not my normal style, much more masculine but so fun!  I love that there were lots of plants used in the centerpieces which unlike cut flowers will not die, at least I will try very hard to keep them alive : )
(a vintage wicker covered wine bottle with papyrus as a cocktail arrangement)

I still had to have a few feminine touches.  I put a sheer linen on a lovely wooden table so that you could just see the table underneath.  Then I pinned up the linen in a couple of spots and attached tiny posies. 

The play of masculine and feminine, soft and pretty with tailored and clean is a fun balance.  To keep the table from getting too pretty I used a leather runner down the middle and wooden benches instead of chairs.

(the leather runner)

On each napkin was a bit of chocolate foliage with a single Fern Curl all tied together with skinny twine.
I love the brownish gold plates...

There were several event vendors that helped sponsor the party and so we put their logos on the window panes of an old door and staked it into the ground.
Our pretend bride carried an unusual bouquet of brown succulents surrounded by chocolate Mini Callas and brown foliage.

The groom's boutonniere was a Fern Curl with raspberries and a bit of flowering Eucalyptus.
Of course all my fancy decor was easily eclipsed by Mother Nature Herself...

Hard to compete!  Beautiful!
Thank you for going through yet another long post by yours truly : )
Blessings to everyone!


  1. Your Event Designs are Pure Magic my Friend!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. To bad a real bride didn't get to enjoy your extraordinary beautifully gorgeous setting.


  3. Stunningly, breathtaking!!! Wow Beautiful!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Lovely, what stunning ideas!

  5. Amazing place, photography and party!! Love it!

  6. I just love the way you used antiques in the just makes it so earthy and magical...really beautiful ideas!!! and as I look at 3 inches of icy slush outside these pictures are a treat of the eyes!! :)

  7. Hello treasure, oh my heart swooned when I caught a glimps of your, latest creations. I adore everything about this, the colours, use of foliage & flowers. Just beautiful, I love your imagination x Thank you for your wonderful wishes, yep an exciting year ahead. ps: When you do make it over (Im saying when cause I feel it will happen ;-) I shall be sure to pop the kettle on x x

  8. Saint Dawn... yeah, I like the ring of that! *LOL* In hindsight it is all hilarious, when I step back and don't see MYSELF in the Moment *Winks*... Cats are definitely far easier to raise than Kids or Men... *Smiles* The Bohemian Cat Boys never give me such stressful Moments! Morris & Rusty are quite content with kibbles & fresh water... ah, if only the rest of the crew were that basic! *Ha ha ha* Of coarse, since I'm a Saint now, THEY have Nothing to put up with?! *LOL... am I going to Hell now for that fabrication??! Winks*
    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Hi, Love the look! I was just wondering where you were able to pick up the fern curls from?? We have been looking everywhere for some with no luck!!