Monday, January 30, 2012


I sent off a package to my fellow faerie friend this morning.  She helped me at the Faerieworlds festival last August.

 I realized I had never shared the pictures with you except just a few for my practical magic 
blog party post.

It was so much fun!!  My booth was full of vintage pretties and my handmade wings and silly things.

My friend is going to Faerie Con west soon and I so wish I could go.
I love taking all my crazy art to these festivals.
People seem to get it and appreciate my creations.

Perhaps another time, soon I hope.

As I was going through the pictures my friend took I found myself struck by the inner beauty and playfulness of the people there.

I got to thinking of beauty, what makes people attractive and what we as a society are led to believe is beautiful.

Though there were some truly breath taking, beautiful people in the traditional sense, they still had something more...  an inner glow and a sparkle in their eye.

I think it was their child truly having fun and shining thorough.  They just radiated joy.

They were obviously having a great time.

This seemed to be the common element with everyone.  They were happy!  They were expressing who they wanted to be or... truly are.
Every outfit was unique, just like the people.
The variety was so fun to watch.

My friend Darlene and I would gasp, exclaim and run out of the booth and snap their picture.
The details were astonishing.

I think we as a society get so caught up in what we think we should look like, what is supposed to be beautiful.
And if we do not fit that we despair.  As children we are shaped and molded as we grow, trying to become what we think society or our parents want us to be.  

Yet when you see a smiling happy child how could anyone ever think they are not beautiful!
I think that is why I love the fringe elements in society so much.  They are not afraid to be...  to express themselves.  However I have found that there are conventions within them as well.  Sometimes you have to wear the "uniform" of that group to fit in, be considered attractive.  If you do not you are not always excepted.

When really if we can just be who we truly are, and thus happy and content, that is beautiful!
I like what the Mad Hatter said to Alice when he was telling her she had lost her "muchness"
We just need to figure out what floats our boat and express that with as much "muchness" as possible.
Here is my friend Darlene and I expressing our "muchness"

So maybe dressing up as a faerie isn't your thing...  but something is.  Find out what that is and do it with as much "muchness" as you can.  Your inner light will shine though in its' unique beauty for all the world to see.
Go forth and be "beautiful"