Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Goings On....

Well I have been a busy bee this last month.  I am actually a little embarrassed to say I am in 3 magazines and an online store's Lookbook at the moment with another magazine due out any day now (I'm hiding behind my computer screen... blushing).  There was a time in my life when I was so eager for publicity, to get my name and work out, now it is happening and I feel incredibly blessed.  Life is quite a ride at times  : )

The first up is a double hitter... a fabulous online magazine in Australia called Magnolia Rouge showcased a huge shoot I did with the amazing photographer Elizabeth Messina and a fun company called ShopRuche.  They are a great online fashion and accessories house.  Our photos actually made the cover!  It was an amazing shoot that took place all over the ranch I live on.  It was for ShopRuche's Spring Look Book and what fun goodies they have!    The magazine Magnolia Rouge also asked me for an article on tips for your wedding and included a HUGE add for me.  Here is the add, the photo is from Elizabeth Messina, she actually created the add for me...  Definitely I'm in good hands!

Visit Magnolia Rouge here and have a look at some the pictures, you can also read my article if you are so inclined (blush, blush).  Also definitely visit Shopruche for the complete pictures and maybe do a bit of shopping?!?!  Here is a sampling of some of the over-the-top shots!  The quality is not the greatest as I pulled them directly from the web site (I don't have the disc of images yet).  I did all the floral work and all the props are mine (never looked so good!!!)

I made this outrageous flower wall!!!!  Definitely doing that again...  soooo pretty!

Definitely have a look at shopRuche and see the many beautiful pictures in a good quality format!

Then I am over the moon to say that Romantic Country Home... (cover shown here)

was kind enough to feature Kelly Oshiro and my Tea time shoot (click here to see all the pictures) and then do a short article on me and my workspace.  Shirlie Kemp was the fabulous and fun photographer for my workspace and Kristen Ellis was the photographer for the Tea Time feature.  My French styled wedding that Shirlie shot is coming out any day now for French Country Style magazine too.  When we shot that Shirlie took the images of my work space.  Soooo fun!
Here are the images...

Then a lovely lady from England, Zarn from a new online magazine called Alice in Wedding Land featured my Faerie Wedding in her magazine.  This beautiful wedding has had so much publicity, people just love it.  So incredibly gratifying to see my work developing a life of its own...
As soon as I get the disc from Elizabeth I will post tons more pictures here so check back.  I also have more to share but will leave it for a future post as I think this is quite enough!!!
Hope you are all blooming in this beautiful Spring!