Friday, September 23, 2011

Practical Magic... Faeries and a give away!

Well Anna over at Frosted Petunias is hosting another lovely Practical Magic Blog Party so as we check in with our favorite Aunts we find them having sherry in their garden thinking up spells and ways to interfere in people's love life...
They were eating strawberries and generally enjoying themselves,
maybe a bit too much sherry...
However the solstice was coming up and the Aunts were presenting but they really didn't know what they were going to do...  

"We have demonstrated about all the magical ingredients one can put in your beauty products to keep you young..."
"We've talked about how love can heal a curse of generations...  
What are we to do?"
Later when they went into their solarium to practice their spells a wondrous transformation had taken place...
There was a magical mossy parasol just outside the door and a trail of rose petals leading them in...
Even the kitties noticed something was different.
There were beautiful magical wings and faerie clothes laid out everywhere...
"Of course...  we haven't presented anything about the Fae yet...  that's what we will do.
We can talk about the power of belief and faith, about asking for help from the wee folk.
Look at all the lovely things we can show people to help them remember the faeries..."
"Magical floral wreaths for your hair, beautiful gowns..."
And absolutely everywhere they looked were the most beautiful wings...
"These will surly please the humans and bring faerie magic to the people"
Wings were everywhere...

Some were made from the lovely vintage shawls the Aunts loved to wear...

Some were made from the botanical and natural ingredients the Aunts used in their potions,

 but always with a vintage touch of lace or jewels.
Lots of branches and vines mixed with vintage lace and flowers from the garden.
And of course Pussy Willow wings..
Because you know all the cats had a hand or should we say "paw" in the magic.

There were faerie nests...

And the most fantastical faerie tree house they had ever seen.  
This beat even Maria's old house that Jillian and Sally would play in.

It had a lovely sleeping loft...
A downstairs sitting area...

Little flats in the branches for practicing your spells or enjoying a read...
So it was decided that the Aunts would present all about faerie magic at the Solstice.  
They had to of course prepare some of their own potions so they got busy making lovely lotions and oils from rose petals, amber powder and other such worthy natural offerings.

They worked late into the night with many a midnight margarita...

and finally when they were all done with their bags packed...

Aunt Louise looked through the magic looking glass and saw their destination... 
and with giddy anticipation...
off they went to the solstice.
And as with everything the aunts do wonderful unexplained things happened
Aunt Louise suddenly had the most beautiful set of wings, cloak and a wreath appear...
Aunt Thelma suddenly had a wonderful wreath on her head.  So now they looked the part, thanks to the faeries...

At the solstice their booth was declared the most beautiful and mystical and was simply dripping with vintage magic.

All the wares the faeries created along with those of the aunts were displayed

All the wings were out...

The most wonderful magic folk came to visit. 

I think along side the witch there is also a little faerie in all of us don't you?

A most magical mushroom lady came to say hello...

Aunt Thelma loved playing with all the wreaths.

There was chocolate cake for breakfast and midnight margaritas
They met a most wonderful kindred friend by the name of Big Sir Darling...
(that's her on the right)

And dancing naked around the bonfire at the full moon.  However the Aunts elected to keep their clothes on even though many did not...  after all nudity was optional as you well remember.
( I know it is difficult to see anything but the fire but do remember that the Fae are sometimes hard to photograph...)
Sprightly creatures played magical music...

All in all it was one of the best festivals ever.  Everyone said that the Aunts presentation was fabulous!

The people in attendance really understood that to be normal is not really a virtue, it rather denotes a lack of courage!

These were some of the most wonderfully courageous, not normal,  magical beings ever!

Practical magical faerie blessings to everyone!
Thank you Anna!
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OH DEAR...  I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  (too many margaritas!)  For any one that leaves a comment that is also a follower I will enter their name into the witches hat to win a faerie nest.  I will pick two winners, one for the green nest and one for the dragon fly nest both of which are show above.  I will draw the name on October the 1st and let you know!


  1. Oh Tricia, darling, I am lost for I long to play in your world, even for one day! Please, I would love to wear the pussy willow wings and dance around the fairy tree, sipping midnight margaritas. Hell, I may even dance naked - magic happens! Thankyou my friend for bestowing your little slice of fairy magic on the world - you make it a brighter place with your whimsy and fun.

  2. Dear Tricia I so pleased to see you...I left my broom by the faerie tree ... the faerie said they would look after it for me , but i had to give them some of my rosehip tea as payment.. your practical magis post is wonderful and I love the pussy willow wings too...Hus and good spells Wendy

  3. I am working on a spell that I can shrink down for a long weekend and sleep over and play in your fairy house.

  4. Oh those wings!! So beautiful. The festival looks like a great time. Your posts always make me so happy. :) Thank you for sharing.


  5. I think the aunts outdid themselves with this spectacular presentation, with a bit of help from the Fae of course! Such wonderous, beautiful things and so many colorful characters too. Thank you for spreading so much cheer.

  6. What a beautiful set up! And those dresses! And those wings! And I'd love to win a fairy nest. My daughter is really into fairies right now :D

  7. Tricia my dear you always amaze me with your creativity. I love how you used the photos of the festival and included them in this post! They all were wonderful. I missed seeing you in the photos of the festival! We want to see you you too!! And your booth was too fab, I could just roll all over in it and take it all home! I posted a poem with silly pictures, come see me! I swear one of these days I'm coming out to see you and all your kitties!! Did you get my email on Etsy? Hope to hear from you!xoxo-cindy

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  9. Such a lovely blog and beautiful creations you have made. I would love to win a fairy or dragon nest. Keep up the wonderful work.

  10. Oh Tricia, should the Aunts ever find themselves in need of anyone to carry around wings, fairy dust, parasols, fruit... I volunteer completely. Thank you for putting together another incredible eye popping party and for bringing us along to the 'Solstice' celebration. The Aunts' booth is a dream! It looks like you had an amazing time there. I truly appreciate you sharing your magical party with us...thank you thank you :)


    Hope you can stop by for a brownie or two!

  11. I am almost speechless...Oh what a pure enchanting post filled with fun and magic...thank you for having me along...Practical Magic brings out all the good little white witches to usher in the season of quiet rest. Be Blessed and keep the magic alive!

  12. Oh My, I think you are having the best party so far. I am enjoying it soo much. Thank you.

  13. What amazing creativity and artistry! Pure beauty - thank you. Stop by my enchanted oven for a cookie or two.

  14. What a Delightful World you have created !!
    Such a Precious Talent you have for Creating Magic...
    And you family is most Charming too !!
    I have 'subscribed' by email... Hope that is the same as following !

  15. Wings, kitties, fruits, drinks, beautiful people and lots of glitter... was this party held in paradise? What a treat!

  16. Bright and beautify morning to you Tricia,
    This was a simply marvelous post for the PM party! I loved my visit here with you today. Your party looked so heavenly and the faery houses are breathtaking. I would be thrilled beyond thrilled to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you.

    The festival you attended looks like it was so much fun. I do not believe there is a festival like that anywhere near where I live. I wish there was... I'd be there!

    Thank you again for the lovely time.
    Bright blessings,

  17. ITS YOU TWO AGAIN!! I loved your post last time from the Mad tea Party! You have wow'd and stunned me again with all your fabulous photos and marvelous treasures.
    Of course I want to win a nest - and yes I'm following haha!

  18. Dear Tricia!!!! Happy Practical Magic Day!!! I knew you would create such a beautiful and enchanting post. I love the combination of witchy magic and faerie beauty!!! :) Thank you for offering your beautiful faerie nest. I have a little "dragon" egg that would be most lovely in it. I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed! Enjoy the first weekend of fall! xoxo

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  26. This is truly my favorite posting I have seen so far on my Blog visiting! Your photos are lovely!

    Thank you so much for sharing your post with all of us for the Practical Magic Blog Party! Lovely to visit with you!

    LuLu Kellogg

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    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
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    J x

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    Victoria from Brushstrokes

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    Magical Times,

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    That fairy house is just divine.

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  55. I just wanted to let you know - I stumbled upon the pictures of your faerie wedding on the internet ( which led me to your blog and website). Your work is just breathtaking - every bit of it. I'm a Practical Magic/faerie/Harry Potter fan myself and dabble with making such dress up items for little girls - but they are nothing compared to what I've seen so far that you've done!