Friday, January 22, 2016

The holidays and rather large news… and LOTS of pictures…

Hello my blog friends, I hope you all had lovely holidays.
Ours were a combination of quiet and hugely momentous.  We decided to celebrate Solstice instead of Christmas, trying to calm our wounded little kids a bit and create a new tradition of our own.  It was a lovely time,  evergreen garlands, candles lit every day, rainy days, fires in our pot belly stove, reading, lots of tea.  Truly magical and lovely.  Then Vince’s son came to join us which was wonderful!  He is a remarkable man and having his company is always a good thing and doesn’t happen enough for our tastes.  We had tons of fun and peaceful times too.   One of my favorite memories is looking up from a beautiful coloring book I was happily playing away in to see both Vince and Blain coloring in theirs while the fire burned merrily with our cats asleep in from of it.  Bliss!

I have also been painting constantly and enjoying every minute of it! It has really become a passion of mine.  

I am just now launching a new web site, which shows me as a creative artist in a number of areas.  Here is a link to my new online presence…  I would so love to hear what you think.  All opinions are welcome!  Now with the new web site I am able to promote myself as a painter.  I am just starting the process of contacting lots of galleries from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the hope of showing my work in multiple locations.  

I am also trying to organize a showing.  I had a couple of places lined up but then they fell through.  Hopefully I will get something on the calendar soon!  Any ideas are welcome.  

Down deep inside I feel like this is going to be a big part of my future.  I can feel the gestation beginning on other creative projects as well.  There is a spark of life for a book or two, a Spiritual medicine journal, a deck of divination cards and a few beautiful goodies based on my artwork and writings.   I know there will be more things like workshops, teaching, women’s circles…  more goodness, more connection, more creativity and more spirituality in my life.  I also know there will be a lot of collaboration with my partner as well.  He is a gifted artist and a deeply Spiritual man.  I have been feeling this change coming for a while now.  I haven’t been sure how to make it all happen, or even what was going to happen.  I haven’t known what to do next, or even exactly what the next phase of my life looks like but I have been feeling a big change coming.    With this in mind I created a vision board, one for me personally and one for me with my partner.

I have images of all the things we want to manifest.  One of the biggest is the desire we have of creating a beautiful, magical retreat/ community center, where we live and work.  Well… life works in mysterious ways don’t you think?  The day after I made these vision boards (which had several photos of green, forestry fern areas very unlike where I make my home) the owner of the ranch where I live and work had a meeting with me.  They have decided that they no longer want to host events (which is how I make the biggest part of my living) and that they will be selling the ranch so we also need to move!  We will finish the events booked for 2016 but as of 2017 there will be no more.  We have been asked to leave the ranch by September of 2016. 
So…  indeed I was correct, big changes… coming quickly!
I tried not to immediately go into fear…  but the news was just too big, especially coming on the holidays, which can be a challenging time for me.  This ranch has been my home for over ten years.  Money is tight right now so not a good time to move home and work.   Oh dear, oh dear!!!  I reached for a tool I have used successfully over the years, the Hicks/Abraham audio recordings.  I started listening to them again, which helped a lot.  They talk about when you are not able to shift your mood then distract yourself so you don’t hang out in that vibration.  I knew to try and find joy and hope was just too big of a mood change, so I allowed myself to exist in the sadness and tried to distract myself by painting, watching movies and reading good old fashioned stories that took me away.  It worked…  now on the other side of the holidays I am able to wrap my brain around what this all might mean.  I know I am not a victim and have always been taken care of, my needs have been,  provided for always, though at times not necessarily in the way I would have liked, however I have always been OK.  I now believe that in the second half of my life Spirit is moving me to a place and situation that better suits me and my goals and ambitions for my life.  This will be a new life that will nourish me in such a way that I have not experienced before.  This too, I can feel coming.  Over a year ago during my vision quest, I put forth deep desires to live a happy, joy filled life of more ease, purpose and nurturing.  I wanted more connection with my partner and more activities together.   I believe this change is a huge movement in that direction.  The vision boards I created, which my partner is completely in alignment with, showed a greener land with water falls, ferns, moss…  somewhere that felt more like home.  When I was little my folks and I took a vacation up through the Pacific Northwest and on into Canada.  I loved the area and felt like I was home!  I didn’t want to go back to the desert where we lived.  I just new faeries lived in those woods and I wanted to live there with them!  My partner has also always been drawn to the Northwest as well as to the Rockies and Nature in general.  We are aware that we are in the unique position right now of being able to go wherever we want, no longer tied by family or work.  We both feel the pull of the north…   so we are looking at heading up there on several exploration trips and see what we find.    I think this is the area where I have always belonged… and now we are in the process of going home.  I am still working with fear, fear of the unknown, fear of leaving the home I have known for so many years now.   I have fear of whether or not we will be OK financially… fear of leaving our community, which is our family.  But I think this is just my mind fighting the change.  It is so clearly out of our hands.  The news was unexpected and yet we are being given time to put our affairs in order.  It seems right somehow.  
So…  I am posting pictures of what I put on our vision board.  I am asking all of you out in Blog land to help me hold the vision and if you know of anyone with property that wants to create magic together please let me know.  Anywhere from Oregon to the Canadian border is first choice.  We are also open to places like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, though the Pacific Northwest feels the best. 

The Vision… 
We are open to manifesting all or part of it.  We are open to Spirit’s guidance and kindred Spirit collaboration.

A magical land with beautiful areas of forests, streams, lakes, rolling hills, ocean, lots of nature, views…

A community barn or fun building(s) of some sorts that can host weddings and celebrations. 

Outbuilding that can host workshops, retreats, meditation, yoga…
lovely places for community dining, gatherings, workshops…

Lots of beautiful places for folks to stay from high end cabins to refurbished vintage trailers to tree houses, to tepees and yurts and low end camp spaces. 


A communal library

An art barn

Meditation pavilions

Natural features like hot springs

Large gardens with flowers and food

Working with the local community by hosting or teaching classes ourselves.  There would be everything from courses in organic farming, animal husbandry, art, Spirituality, self improvement, meditation to gatherings, circles, workshops, personal retreats…  Everything!

The ability to have several of these ongoing at once. 

Bringing in local school and at risk kids to help with the chores and to learn how to connect with the land and animals.

Bringing in people that need to heal physically, mentally, spiritually.
Lots of fun places, places that are beautiful, silly, whimsical…  little places to read, drink tea, what have you…

Outdoor theater spaces, labyrinths, maizes, play zones

Creating an animal sanctuary that benefits both the animals and the people that interact with them. 

(Me feeding all the critters…)

Possibly hosting fairs like the Renaissance or Faerie festivals.

A place for a small store selling what we grow and our art work.

The large scale and high end events will bring in large infusions of money.  The ongoing workshops and classes and individual personal retreats keep a constant influx of smaller amounts of money. 

Oh yes, and my partner and I as well as our animal family will live there  in a really fun and unusual building and art space and help to manage it. 

(I only want to live here if Harry and his friends come visit, especially Luna)

(And I only want to live here if Hagrid is there also)

Between us we bring considerable skills including ranching, farming, construction,  event management, interior and landscape design, workshop facilitation, music festival promotion, retail store management, to corporate, business and office experience. 

I am putting this out there in the ethers to bring it in.  Any help you can offer would be deeply appreciated. 

I will keep you posted as this journey unfolds… 

I am holding two familiar quotes in my mind…

Oh yes… and this one too…

That's for the days that fear takes a hold…

Blessings everyone!!!