Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Romantic Wedding

Hello everyone.
Goodness I have been a busy gal!  Weddings are keeping me extra busy, which is a good thing.  Below  are pictures of the latest beautiful wedding I was a part of.   I also was rather crazy with putting together a little something for Vanessa and her Mad Tea Party which I will show you this coming Saturday.  I keep trying to distract myself with activities and work hoping that as time goes on my heart will heal.  My home is so lovely but honestly it feels like I am in someone else’s beautiful home, not mine.  I hope I will grow into it.  I watched the Mad Hatter movie the other day trying to get inspiration for Vanessa's party and I could sure identify with Alice when the Mad Hatter says she had lost her "muchness".  Even though I so enjoy creating for weddings I just feel like a part of me is missing.  I feel as if I am in a dream or an alternate reality in which I will wake from shortly.  I have so many creative ideas banging around in my head but no enthusiasm or drive to pour into them.   I know time will help and I am getting better.  I try to focus on the blessings I have and...  what's the saying?  "Stay calm and..."  for me it is "Stay calm and put the kettle on".  That and make another pair of faerie wings : )
I did have a pleasant surprise the other day of a visit from Cindy of the blog Lilly's Lace, Charlene and her husband Larry of My Hearts Ease, with their adorable dog Elle, and their friend Cynthia.  I was preparing for a big wedding that weekend (the pictures below are of this wedding) so I couldn’t spend much time with them.  No hospitality at all  I tell ya, Mom wouldn’t have been pleased.  And Cynthia being the adorable doll that she is brought me 3 of the most delicious cupcakes ever.  And I didn't even have the tea kettle on!!!  She is a super sweetie who has a company making beautiful confections called Classic Chocolates.  They were beautiful as well as yummy.  I just loved everyone and especially with their charming Texas accents.  Cindy won my heart forever and that of my friend Nancy's when she exclaimed just after meeting us that we were such "tiny hinies!"  Isn't that adorable!  Well...  there has got to be some pay off for all the misery I've been through.  I do look good in a pair of jeans at the moment.  I am down 15 pounds from when this started.  I had actually lost a total of 20 pounds but I made myself eat and am only down 15.  I think I might stay here, I mean my ego needs all the help it can get : )!   We had a lovely chat and I showed them around the ranch and my home before I had to get back to flower work.  These ladies (and gentleman) couldn’t have been sweeter and more complimentary.  It was kind of weird in that I saw myself and my life through them.  I could see how magical my life looks, all my creative projects, my amazing beautiful home...  but again it felt as if we were looking at someone else's life.  I so appreciated their enthusiasm and heart felt compliments.  It lifted my spirits so much!  Hopefully soon I will feel connected to my life again.  In the mean time I loose myself in making beautiful weddings, and lots of tea.  Here is the latest wedding...

The ceremony was under our big beautiful Sycamore tree.

I hung a curtain of crystals at the vow site. 
As well garlands of Baby's Breath and dried Honeysuckle vine.
These next two pictures are fun in that they show the light hitting the crystals.

It was so beautiful and sparkly!

The bride liked Baby's Breath and wanted to use it exclusively so I had garlands everywhere.
Some were hanging over the guests heads.  I also had ropes of crystals over the seating area too.
There were garlands of Baby's Breath down the aisle too.

The reception was in the barn where we went a little crazy with candles...
The look was very natural and woodsy yet elegant.

There were tons of glass vases with taper candles in them.
They carved numbers into wooden discs for the table markers.
On the head table were tall silver candelabras filled with Baby's Breath
I made a huge wreath of Birch Branches, raw Cotton, green and Spanish Moss, and Baby's Breath for the back wall.
The old wagon outside the barn we filled with...  wait for it...
Baby's Breath!!!
It really did look fabulous!
For the guest's name cards we hung shipping labels on a few old wooden shutters across from the barn.
The bride's maids as well as the groom's men and most of the guests dressed in black.

Which as unusual as it may sound looked very elegant!
It also provided a great background for the flowers.
The lady above carried a bouquet of all Carnations.

Most people don't care for Carnations but I think this turned out beautiful!
This bouquet was of Sweet Peas surrounded by Dusty Miller.
Baby's Breath of course!
A raw Cotton bouquet, very fun!
And a fringed Tulip bouquet.
  I loved how the bride chose flowers that so many people don't care for.  I think it turned out so beautiful and very elegant.  I have always loved Baby's Breath and Carnations and I was happy to use them and show people just how lovely they can be.  I hope you enjoyed it!  
See you Saturday at Vanessa's party!
Flower blessings to you...  yes Baby's Breath Blessings  : )