Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween… part 2!!!!!

Hello Blog friends.
I hope you all had a most magical Halloween!  I know we sure did!  Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  I love the mix of magic, mystery, Spirit, fantasy, costumes…  I feel like anything is possible.  I feel my spirit guides more intently, my ancestors and my parents seem so close by, Spirit is right there playing with me.  I think anytime we don costumes we become more real.  We play and let a part of ourselves out.  I love this quote by Oscar Wilde…  "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth."  I love to see the creativity people show in the costumes they choose.  I think it is a clue into who they really are, or at least into their child within.  It is sacred theatre…  with candy!!  I adore setting the "stage" for "sacred theatre"…  I know it is one of the reasons I am here!
Witches are my favorite thing to be.  I always want to try another costume but it never feels right.  I think I will always be a witch!  Being a witch is a way for me to connect into the ancient wise women lineage that is common to all cultures and is mine simply by being a woman.  The tie to nature and Her power, animal spirits, ritual, ceremony…  Spells and Potions for me are just a way of believing in the power of my intentions.  As a child I adored Bewitched!  For me there were never enough scenes of Endora and Samantha dressed in their flowing gauzy outfits, sitting on their brooms in the misty realms with that cool music playing.  I could have hung out there all day!  It goes without saying that Practical Magic is of course one of my all time favorite stories and movie!  Hocus Pocus is another one.  Anything that evokes magic and mystery, of believing in something more fantastical than perceived reality, in the power of intentions… that everything is possible…   How FUN!
In my last post I mentioned that the Gypsies were going to come by, well they sure did!  We had a huge party on Saturday so I kept going with the decorations and set up a Gypsy camp in addition to the apothecary shop and cemetery.  Honeydukes also set up a table with all their goodies right in the middle of it.  I had a friend who is a Tarot reader set up shop at the party.  There was a line for her all night!  We ended up with around 40 people all in wonderful costumes eating drinking and making music.  My sweetie is a musician as are most of his friends.  I too am learning to sing and play percussion so we had live music all night with everyone taking a turn playing.  Those that weren't making music were dancing or hanging around the fire in the medicine circle/Gypsy camp.  It was an incredible night  filled with such joy and friendship.  I wanted to show you the pre-party pics.  We were having so much fun during the party that we didn't really get any shots.  Folks are posting all over Face book though.  I will try to collect them later.

Here is the beginning of the Gypsy camp.

This is where Vicky Lyons-Elliott, the Tarot reader set up.  She was wonderful and everyone seemed to really enjoy her!  If you are interested email me and I will connect you to her.

Going deeper into the Gypsy camp…

Here we had a fire pit going…

The Gypsies had their goodies laid out everywhere!

Masked pumpkins everywhere…

A hukka with lots of fun flavored tobacco…

Just in case the guests had a sweet tooth attack and didn't feel like getting up…

Lots of witches in attendance…

And others too…

Everyone came in costume…

The food was set up in Aragog's hollow.  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of shots of that area as it didn't look like much until later in the evening as the guests each brought their dishes.

The spider nests totally creeped me out even though I made them…..  eeeeekkkk!

I had a talking head in a globe and electric balls.  Someone at the party videoed some of it. 


Honeydukes sweet shop set up a table at the party…

It was sooooooo fabulous as to be truly OVER-THE-TOP!!!!

They humored us with some retro candy…

We all had a fun trip down memory lane…

Do your teeth hurt yet?

Of course we had lots of lovely spirits, of the bottled variety…

As the sun set it was magical!

You have already seen the apothecary shop and the cemetery in the last post but
 here they are at night…  

Here's the graveyard…

It was truly a most magical night.  Thank you for visiting again.  Holler if you want me to send you some candy…  we have LOTS left over!!!

Blessings to you all!!!


  1. Wow! Tricia, as always you have outdone yourself! How I wish I was at your party - sounds incredible! I love those movies too - such magic. I hope you post some photos of everyone at your party - I need to live vicariously through the photos, ha ha x

  2. Oh boy, I was I had been at your party!! But, I'm glad I got to see the pictures :) It's interesting, I've always thought that costume-wearing gives a peek into a person's true nature as well. Happy Fall!

  3. Absolutely drool-worthy, eye candy, every bit of it! As a fortune teller myself that fortune teller's tent is to die for. Ohhh how I wish I lived near you and we could party together hehe!

  4. Your Sacred Theater and Gypsy Party are Sublime my Friend... I would have never have wanted the Evening to end with such Enchantment and Fantasy enveloping me like this! Nobody Creates a Fantasyscape quite like you... I can only Imagine the Images once the Party was in Process!!! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. You throw amazing parties. That Halloween table looked delicious and beautiful. I enjoyed the second part of your Halloween adventures, too.

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