Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Farm Wedding

Hello everyone.
Carrying on with keeping it happy...
Here is a fun photo shoot some friends and I did.  

We created two separate scenarios. The one I am showing you here I had the pleasure of designing.  I have had in my head for a while a sort of prairie style wedding in and around an old ranch.

The ceremony we shot in a beautiful field of flowers across from my old home and workspace.

I used several of my vintage sofas and furniture.

I used a couple of antique bed frames as aisle "gates"
(thank you Magnolia Pearl for the inspiration!)

I used the Dump truck from the ranch to put the bride and groom in.

The other shoot my friend designed, She is by nature a glamorous lady, ala old Hollywood.  She lined up a beautiful old Cadillac for her bride and groom...  I got the dump truck...  LOL!

I had them pose at the gas pump on the ranch.  Just thought it would be cute.  The groom put on his James Dean jacket for the occasion.
 I guess what folks say is true, you can take the girl off the farm but not the farm out of the girl.

I just love the combination of beauty and glamorous with rustic and nature.
We shot the reception part in an old abandoned green house.

Those tables we made.  They are galvanized tops on big chunky barn wood legs.
The runners are made of vintage lace curtains and grey velvet.

I used antique silver for my containers.

I set some of the flowers on vintage ceiling tins.

Again I just love the mix of elegant and dilapidated.

For the table settings I mixed up the metals and different shades of white and cream
for a vintage eclectic feel.
The stem ware had gold rims, one set of plates
was white with a silver edge, one cream color.
The cutlery was a faux bone handle.
The charger was a beautiful cream pearled glass.
These mixed with the galvanized table, vintage silver,
mercury glass votives and the ceiling tins made for a wonderful combination.

I just love this idea below for desert.

Who doesn't love doughnuts?!

Tracy from Lazaro Press made all the invitations and favors.
Love this idea!

Add this!  What fun party favors!

Here is the invite, in a metal case...  so cool!

At the end of the table hanging from the rafters I hung chalk boards.

With poems from Rumi...

This shoot took place just before the divorce bomb,
I don't think I would have been inspired to write these
 after "D" day : (

I made several bouquets as this was a fun shoot and not for real.
Below and above is a bouquet of vintage beaded flowers.
In the top picture she is wearing a matching wreath.

The beaded boutonniere below.

This bouquet below is a bundle of Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus, Silver Sword,
 Acacia foliage and Pussy Willow.

Here is the matching boutonniere.

I just love these next two pictures!

In this shot I wove into her hair sprigs of Baby's breath for yet another look.

But here are my favorite pics!

The green house at night.

Doesn't it look beautiful!
Such a dramatic entrance!

It was really magical!
Makes you rethink the nasty old shed in the back yard,
or the dilapidated building on the farm doesn't it?
Just add flowers and candles and a bit of magic!
And you have the perfect party!

The talented team was
Jill Remy-  co-designer and coordinator
Kristen Beinke Photography
Tracy Lazaro, Lazaro designs
The chandeliers were courtesy of Bella Vista Lighting
The dishes were from Classic Party rentals
The furniture is all from me and my new company Vintage Vignettes (web site coming soon, email me for more info)

On a personal note I am doing a little better.  I usually wake up optimistic but then the evenings come, they are a bit hard.  Twilight can be such a sad time.  Sometimes I look around me and marvel that only 3 months ago I thought I was a happily married woman.  Now I am single in a different house and workspace.  It is just so strange.  Life changes so quickly sometimes.  Just one step in front of the other for now... and breath...

A very cool thing I will share.  My home seems to have a faeire.  On the deck which sits under a magnificent Sycamore there is the most wonderful feeling!  One day my friend Nancy was sitting there sipping her tea and she looked at me with a gleam in her eyes and said "Trish...  I am buzzing!"  Honestly I didn't put anything in her tea!  There is some kind of happy energy there.  When I first took Nancy through the house before I moved anything in she took some pictures.  She only just had a look at them, after she felt the buzz...  and... look at what the camera caught!

In this picture she played with the color to try and bring out the bubble more.

See it!?  In the bottom?!  A huge bubble of light.
It's Glenda the Good Witch!
There are rays that shoot off out of the top.
Nancy emailed it to me so it is all digital and hard to see. I will get a better copy and post it later.
The sun was behind her so no glare from the light, and the deck runs in front of the bubble so it is not a dust most or anything as that has to be very close to the lens to reflect.  I like to think it is a lovely faerie welcoming me to her house and deck.  I will keep you posted!
Faerie Blessings to everyone!