Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shirlie Kemp and I

I teased you in the last post with a picture of a French Wedding photo shoot that is coming out in French Style magazine in March.  That photo along with everything else from that whirlwind shoot came from the lovely Shirlie Kemp.
Shirlie and I in my work space.  It is amazing how good we look as both of us were hot and sweaty from our long day of shooting!  That would be because Shirlie's daughter took the picture.  She is a talented celebrity photographer.  Now I know why those VIPs always look so good...  it's all because of the photographer : )

Shirlie is a gifted photographer and artist living in the UK and is also one half of the Shirlie and Pepsi pop singing group from the 80s.  I didn't know this about her until after our photo shoot.  I'm afraid I'm terribly out of touch with pop culture and so had no idea about Shirlie's rock and roll celeb status!  She and Pepsi were and still are quite the stars with hits ranking in the top ten and have even just recently preformed at a concert.  So here I am thinking she is a photographer having no idea she is actually quite the star.  She had contacted me a while ago after stumbling on some of my Faerie pictures and said that if I was ever interested in doing a shoot with her to let her know.  She often comes to the States and would love to collaborate on something.  I had a look at her blog and fell in love with her work.  Go over and visit her blog here and see her latest work.  She just posted a Marlyn Monroe shoot she designed and photographed that is absolutely stunning!  Well, since she offered.... and not being too big of a fool I quickly emailed her with my French wedding ideas.  Next thing I knew Shirlie, her daughter Harley Moon, who is a professional celebrity photographer and her friend Hayley, again another wonderful photographer and frequent collaborator with Shirlie showed up at my house, cameras in tow ready to play.  I can't show you the French wedding shots until the magazine is out so instead I will show you some pictures she took of my work space at my new house.
My workspace


Some detail pictures of the inside and my myriad collections, costumes, and supplies...

I also want to show you Shirlie's art.  She alters photos into beautiful painterly canvases.
She played around with some of my instagram shots as well as ones she took during our photo shoot.
Have a look!

This one above is my favorite, it is so rich!


Here are a couple of my instagram shots she added her magic to.

I think they are beautiful!  When I first saw her work I thought they were paintings.
Here is a shot of me that she played with...  it is rare that I like pictures of myself.  I love this one.

From now on I will only have Shirlie and Harley-Moon take my picture.  They actually make me look good!  So thats it for now.  Keep a look out for the new issue of French Style by Fifi O'Neal.  It should be hitting the stands next month.  You will see a fun French wedding that I designed and which was beautifully shot by Shirlie and Harley!
Blessings to you!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Instagramming lunatic and some very exciting news...

Hello everyone!  I have discovered the delights of instagram and I've been having a blast.  It is rare for me to get on the tech band wagon before everyone else does so I am feeling particularly proud.  If you haven't checked it out you may want to.  It is an application that you add onto your phone.  It is kind of like a mini Pinterest that you can take with you!  You can follow different people and companies that post beautiful pictures, not just folks posting thousands of pictures of their grand kids : )  I follow people that post beautiful French country and vintage vignettes, cute cats, all kind of flowers...  It is so fun to see what's on the phone next!   I would love it if you followed me, between my fun vintage props, flowers, faeries and kitties I promise it will be pretty!
Here is a link that you can get to through your computer.  You don't have to have it on your phone to see what I'm posting.

Here are some examples of what I have been instagramming...

Hopefully I'll see you on my phone!
Blessings to all of you!

PS...  Very exciting news!  I did a French Country photo shoot for Fifi O'Neal for her new magazine  French Country Style.

Here are a couple of sneak peek pictures.

Go have a look at her blog for details and to see a couple more shots.

You can even pre-order the magazine if you've a mind too.

She also mentioned me AGAIN in another post....  see if you can spot the pictures of my creations.  

Here is a link to that particular post....   sooooo much fun!!!

Soooooo cool!!!

I'm all a dither!!!

Oui Oui!