Monday, October 15, 2012

A beautiful vintage barn wedding... with a story

Hello Everyone.
I have another beautiful wedding to show you.  This has a funny story to go with it.

So this lovely young women by the name of Angela Hudson and her guy Svend show up at the ranch to look at the barn as a potential site for there wedding.

They had seen both the ranch and my work on the Internet and loved everything and 
wanted to book us both.

They wanted a romantic vintage look...  right up my alley!

As I usually do I asked them what they did for a living and where they were from.
The lady said she was a tour manager for a music group and the man was the drummer.  She was from Santa Barbara and he was from Denmark.

(the bridesmaids bouquets)

I asked who the band was and she told me but I had never heard of them before.  I think that surprised them.  I haven't had TV for 15 years and I do not listen to the radio.  I don't even have AOL as a home page on my computer.  I just do not keep in touch with pop culture.  I find I have a much more calm and thoughtful life that way.  Anyway I forgot about it and also what they did for a living.  I was focused on the look for the wedding and making that happen.

(the check in table where the guests picked out their name and table assignment)

So off we went planning their beautiful wedding.

We had several meetings looking over props and flowers.  I was surprised when a fairly well known coordinator and photographer showed up to one of these meetings just to photograph the mock up.  But again I didn't pay a lot of attention.  It was just about Angela and Svend and 
the magic we were creating.

Anyway I guess word got out and some folks I know started contacting me wanting some woman's phone number that was getting married on the ranch.  I didn't know it was in relation to this wedding.  I thought it was another bride's name that was getting married on the ranch.  I searched my files and started panicking because I didn't find this lady's name anywhere.  
Oh my...  had I misplaced this bride's file!!!!

Finally someone took pity on me and explained that she was the sister of a bride getting married on the ranch and that she was a famous singer.  They didn't know the bride's name.  They wanted to try and get the singer to play for a charity function.  I politely explained that these people were private and that I could not give their number out to anyone, especially when they didn't even know the brides name!!!  And after I was asked, I said no I couldn't get them into the wedding either.  

I tried to remember the singer's name to ask my girlfriend who she was, but I just couldn't remember.

She laughed at me and named off a few famous singers but it just didn't ring a bell.

(the tepee belongs to the bride's sister and we set it up as a cool hang out for the kids that were coming to the wedding)

Well anyway the wedding arrived and everything looked so beautiful.  The bride was super happy!  As I handed the bride and her maids their bouquets I noticed that one of them had purple hair.  I told her that she had great taste as purple was my favorite color and she would be a great match for my purple Morris Minor car.  She said nicely but firmly that the wedding wasn't about her but her sister.  Ah ha!  I thought...  this must be the famous singer!  Still couldn't remember her name though.

Well now I know. The sister of Angela Hudson is Katy Perry.  The picture below is in Santa Barbara Magazine.  Yes... that is Katy to the right of Angela the bride.  You can't tell but she really did have purple hair.  

I have heard since that she is really into cats.
Can't be all bad then.
He He

Svend, Angela and her sister were super sweet and it was a pleasure to have them on the ranch and create such a beautiful wedding.

Furry Blessings to all of you!