Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Russian Faerie tale

Hello my dear blog friends...

Please come with me... back into the realm of the faeries...

I received this very intriguing email today from what must be a Russian music fae...

Dear Tricia !
My nime is Alizbar I play  the harp
my web  is
I find  your  wedding with my music

Its very good

Maybe we can do more ? its my work too
Best regards

He has taken the pictures of my faerie wedding and placed them to his music.  I am having trouble uploading his video so after you click here go to the right and under "favorites" click on the video that has this...

picture on it.

I was enchanted beyond words...  I hope you enjoy it!

You can hear the song again and watch him play by going to his web site.   I can see in his eyes how lost he is in the music.  When the song ends he looks around as if he is entering this realm again.  A truly magical man...  I am honored he contacted me..

(If anyone can read Russian fae, I would love to understand the writing on the video.)


  1. carousel dreams-tinaOctober 27, 2010 at 10:22 PM

    Woohoo, it worked this time! So happy to be able to leave a comment...that video was truly enchanting. And the harp, just beautiful. I have always loved the harp - we had one at our wedding.

  2. Yea Tina,
    So happy to have your comment on my blog!!!! Thank you! Wasn't that harp magical?! My Mom used to play the harp (quite well I might add), she has passed on now, maybe she helped Alizbar find me... Anyway so glad you are here, welcome!

  3. hi music and video! i love the pumpkin themed wedding and especially the pumpkin ring box! i love new england but if you want warmer winters then ashville is a really cool happening place. lots of people go there to be married too so your event planning skills could really be useful. it's a very hot area right now!

  4. Awsome costumes and beautiful music!
    I am Russian, so here what the video says :)
    "Fairy Elf Wedding
    Elf Wedding
    Tricia Fountain - event decorator
    She designs and decorates wonderful weddings. Once she created a fairytale - a wedding of an elf and a fairy.
    Music by Eduard Sirich (Alzbar) - "Out Of Time Fariytale"
    Author of the clip - Olga Khasanova

  5. Good Kharma keeps the wheel turning...

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