Saturday, February 2, 2013

Instagramming lunatic and some very exciting news...

Hello everyone!  I have discovered the delights of instagram and I've been having a blast.  It is rare for me to get on the tech band wagon before everyone else does so I am feeling particularly proud.  If you haven't checked it out you may want to.  It is an application that you add onto your phone.  It is kind of like a mini Pinterest that you can take with you!  You can follow different people and companies that post beautiful pictures, not just folks posting thousands of pictures of their grand kids : )  I follow people that post beautiful French country and vintage vignettes, cute cats, all kind of flowers...  It is so fun to see what's on the phone next!   I would love it if you followed me, between my fun vintage props, flowers, faeries and kitties I promise it will be pretty!
Here is a link that you can get to through your computer.  You don't have to have it on your phone to see what I'm posting.

Here are some examples of what I have been instagramming...

Hopefully I'll see you on my phone!
Blessings to all of you!

PS...  Very exciting news!  I did a French Country photo shoot for Fifi O'Neal for her new magazine  French Country Style.

Here are a couple of sneak peek pictures.

Go have a look at her blog for details and to see a couple more shots.

You can even pre-order the magazine if you've a mind too.

She also mentioned me AGAIN in another post....  see if you can spot the pictures of my creations.  

Here is a link to that particular post....   sooooo much fun!!!

Soooooo cool!!!

I'm all a dither!!!

Oui Oui!