Sunday, October 9, 2011

A dreamy Tea Time photo shoot...

I had the great pleasure of designing along side a truly gifted and lovely lady who is a wonderful wedding designer in her own right, Kelly Oshiro.  We set up a vintage wedding/tea time/ photo shoot in a wonderfully picturesque old abandoned green house on the ranch I live on as well as the grounds of a beautiful 1920's craftsman style mansion that is also on the ranch.  The photographer is one of my favorites Kirsten of Beaux Arts Photographie AND...  we were lucky enough to have it published in a British magazine (of course...  it's a tea shoot after all!!) by the name of You and Your Wedding Day which is on the news stands right now.

It turned out so gorgeous, I just adore it!  I am only showing you a few here as we might have a chance of another magazine picking it up.  But here are a few fun shots...  Earl Gray or Jasmine?

Lots of pretty details, vintage jewelry, china, clothing, old books,  just Divine!

There are so many more dreamy pictures...  but that is it for now,
Cheers everyone!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Practical Magic Blog Party Faerie nest winners...

October sure arrived fast!  So as promised the winners for the Practical Magic blog party give aways.
My random number generator (my husband) picked numbers 6 and 46 for the winners...  That means Dani of The Whimsical Cottage  (a very cool Pagen blog site!) gets the green nest and...

Dana Wright, authoress of a number of blogs but one in particular that I like is On The Broomstick  gets the dragon fly nest.
Congratulations ladies!
I will email you ladies so you can give me your addresses.  They are too heavy for the faeries to carry so I will be sending them muggle post.
Blessings to all,