Wednesday, February 3, 2016

An Art Opening and some thoughts…

Hello my Internet friends…

Vince and I are having an art opening at our home on Sunday, February 21.  

We will have all my paintings out and for sale as well as we will be taking orders for giclee prints.  Yay!!! I would dearly love to see as many of you as possible.  I know quite a few of you are strung far across the globe, However if you are close at all, please come. 

I would love to meet you finally!  For those of you too far away, I will be posting pictures between now and the show so you can see what I have.  If anything calls to you, please let me know, I will work with you on pricing, figure out payments if you need and then ship it out to you!!!  

It is more important to me right now that the energy start flowing on my creations and that they get out into the world and end up with whom they belong to.  On that note…

I did some deep energy/Spirit work last week, honestly I have been doing a lot of work for a while now.  My life feels like it is in another transition, a big one, so I have been meditating and connecting with Spirit as much as I can, trying to do whatever life/Spirit/my Soul is calling from/for me.  One of the many questions I asked was one specifically about my paintings, what my next step should be. 

I asked this question as I have been feeling a lot of fear around our huge move and our lack of funds.  This mind set has been putting a lot of pressure on me to sell my work.  The message I got was that I am in an interim at the moment.  I am being asked to trust that I am taken care of… let go and allow.  

They said to have a party and celebrate my gift and our community… think in terms of a give away.  The lesson for me is that I am to “let them go” from love, not sell them from fear.  Start with my friends and community and receive their offerings with out control of what that looks like.  Surrender and not have any attachment to the painting’s worth (a little hard to do…  I rather love these guys!).

Trust that I am taken care of.  Let my community support me and allow the energy to flow.  Fear and control based thinking blocks energy and doesn’t allow.  Love allows…

So with that in mind we decided to have a party!  If I am to let go a glass of wine and good friends will definitely help!!! We will start with the art show/open house party.  

This will go from 11 to dark, then it shifts a bit with a pot luck and music around the fire.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

I would so very much like to see you all there.

Tina in Australia
Dawn and Vanessa in Arizona
“Lady” in Florida
“Bohemian Lady” in Maine
Lady Locust
Laura M
Terri in England
Shell in NY
Jane in the UK
Carolyn in Maryland
Babylon Sister in Texas
Anastasia in Russia

And so on and so on…  well…  I hope you are there with me in our hearts!

I will let you know how everything “flows”…   
Blessings to all of you!