Monday, January 30, 2012


I sent off a package to my fellow faerie friend this morning.  She helped me at the Faerieworlds festival last August.

 I realized I had never shared the pictures with you except just a few for my practical magic 
blog party post.

It was so much fun!!  My booth was full of vintage pretties and my handmade wings and silly things.

My friend is going to Faerie Con west soon and I so wish I could go.
I love taking all my crazy art to these festivals.
People seem to get it and appreciate my creations.

Perhaps another time, soon I hope.

As I was going through the pictures my friend took I found myself struck by the inner beauty and playfulness of the people there.

I got to thinking of beauty, what makes people attractive and what we as a society are led to believe is beautiful.

Though there were some truly breath taking, beautiful people in the traditional sense, they still had something more...  an inner glow and a sparkle in their eye.

I think it was their child truly having fun and shining thorough.  They just radiated joy.

They were obviously having a great time.

This seemed to be the common element with everyone.  They were happy!  They were expressing who they wanted to be or... truly are.
Every outfit was unique, just like the people.
The variety was so fun to watch.

My friend Darlene and I would gasp, exclaim and run out of the booth and snap their picture.
The details were astonishing.

I think we as a society get so caught up in what we think we should look like, what is supposed to be beautiful.
And if we do not fit that we despair.  As children we are shaped and molded as we grow, trying to become what we think society or our parents want us to be.  

Yet when you see a smiling happy child how could anyone ever think they are not beautiful!
I think that is why I love the fringe elements in society so much.  They are not afraid to be...  to express themselves.  However I have found that there are conventions within them as well.  Sometimes you have to wear the "uniform" of that group to fit in, be considered attractive.  If you do not you are not always excepted.

When really if we can just be who we truly are, and thus happy and content, that is beautiful!
I like what the Mad Hatter said to Alice when he was telling her she had lost her "muchness"
We just need to figure out what floats our boat and express that with as much "muchness" as possible.
Here is my friend Darlene and I expressing our "muchness"

So maybe dressing up as a faerie isn't your thing...  but something is.  Find out what that is and do it with as much "muchness" as you can.  Your inner light will shine though in its' unique beauty for all the world to see.
Go forth and be "beautiful"


  1. I love this! so glad you posted the pictures. So nice to be back here again, getting asphyxiated with beauty! One day I'll make it to Faerieworlds. sigh. and so nice of you to take/post pictures of the people who make up the fair. I've spent hours looking at their photos from the site appreciating the happiness they exude from being dressed as 'who they are'. The Renaissance Festival does it for me, but I haven't attended a Faerie Fest yet. hugs.

  2. Wonderful post, so full of Muchness and Real Beauty!!

    I see you were at Harvest, that is why I didn't find you (I could only make it to the summer festival last year.) Thank you for posting all the pictures! I am always so inspired to see your work— we seem to be 'lit up' by the same kinds of things. Always nice to find a kindred fairy!

    I too am always astonished at the sheer joy that abounds at Faerieworlds, and the beautiful people there. (And the costumes are always one of my favorite parts—the love, detail and individual expression-- that goes into each one :)

  3. I love, love your art. Me and my inner child would love to go to one of these festivals - just to dress up in frothy, frilly clothes with feathers and bling and things that sparkle would make me so happy. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Tricia—here's one of my favorite quotes—unfortunately I don't know who the author of it is, but it's so full of truth:

    "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that--because what the world needs is people who have come Alive."


  5. Such a nice post you beautiful you!

  6. Wonderful post!!!! The photos were so pretty & I LOVED all the different outfits shown. You are so right about being who you really are & the pressure that society puts on us to "conform". I used to dress the corporate bit but, now I find I am so much more comfortable in "my style" which is much looser, freeing, arty, & unusual. THANKS for recognizing the need we have for individuality & for being so able to help us feed it with your beautiful creations. Charlene

  7. Can I move in?!!!! I promise to be very quiet!
    LOL... SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and giving me a good laugh, see, you would need a U-Haul for my Yard Sale and I'd need a U-Haul for your Booth and we'd be contributing to each other's delinquency I'm afraid! *LOL* You'd blow my Wabi Sabi Mission all to hell! *Smiles* This Event is awesome, now I want to attend one... dressing up is mos def MY THING! Actually I do it every day and so some folks aren't really sure if I'm in costume or just eccentric? *Smiles* Actually this 'letting go' of stuff is going along easier than I thought it would, guess I'm finally ready?! *Whew* And to see the Joy on the face of someone getting each item was cool, I even have a Blog Friend whose getting a couple of the Quilts she adored so we're coordinating that exchange. Color me Happy... BTW, the Guy in the Pirate Costume, what an awesome ensemble! And I want the Girlish Figures of some of those Beautiful Faerie's! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Beautiful pictures of beautiful fairies.......just beautiful.
    Pixie x

  10. so glad you posted this. I need a bit of fairy magic. Those outfits and the things you made are just amazing. Hugs Sara

  11. Dress me up and call me Fae any day! Love all your wings, I think you were channeling Stevie Nicks!! "Just like a wild winged dove......" I don't think Stevie ever lost her muchness. Now her muchness got a little out of hand when she became a little chunky monkey but it looks like she got on Jenie Craig like every other star out there, BARF! Cardboard food.

    But I so understand how you feel like we live in a cookie cutter world.Lord forbid we wear anything different or have different hobbies. My doll heads all over my sewing room were the talk of the town for days!! They think I'm odd,
    Bwa-hahahah!So to you, stay close to all the different things that make xoxo-cindy

  12. Thanks for visiting and leaving Sage advice my Friend. Yes, I am carving out moments for Self and take a nap whilst the G-Kid Force is in School. Can't make many trips to the Hospital since it's an hour's drive each way and he's not really feeling up to visits... yesterday we only spent about 10 minutes in his room... which only served to upset the children since it was such a long commute & they really couldn't spend any quality time with him. He's battling serious pneumonia and a 106 fever that the Docs can't seem to regulate downwards so it is some serious business. Not to mention he's grumpy because he's an avid Football Fan and Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and he's got a shared TV in the room... Hope the other Guy is a Football Fan too?! *Winks*

    Anytime I need to "Escape" to a World of Enchantment I know just where to come... *smiles* Still enjoying this particular Post tremendously!!!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. wow it has been too long since I have visited your beautiful world, and you have taken me to a whole world of people too. I would love to go to something like this fair, I can see why you want to go to the next fair so much, it looks like a place you would never want to leave, I love how everyone has put so much effort into expressing themselves, and I also love the last photos of you, you really do look like the most lovely lady ever.
    good to see you again
    off to look at more
    much love

  14. So amazing, gorgeous... dreamy. I'm so happy to have found your blog! Adore your designs! Oceans of Love...Pamela

  15. I am speachless...Beautiful. i am so very happy that I stopped by and will be back soon. I would love to learn how to make such lovely things...anyway I can learn from you?

  16. Wow... you are one talented lady! Love your art, love your house, love your collected treasures, your wedding designs, and your CATS! Love the fact that you help the critters who can't help themselves (my husband and I do that, too). Blessings on you and yours, and thanks for stopping by my blog for a chuckle.

  17. Amen sista! I think what you are describing is 'authenticity' - something I have been working on these past few years - just learning to embrace who I am...yes, I agree, there is something in their eyes - an awareness perhaps? The freedom to express who they truly are, and to be completely comfortable in their own skins. By the way, your vintage fae booth is incredible! What I would give to have a peek inside, and sit with you for a chat amongst your gorgeous creations. Tricia, I LOVE that second last photo, the one of you laughing - you look so incredibly joyful! Big hugs to you my beautiful faraway friend - keep inspiring us with your amazing talent x

  18. My god I just love your blog! It is definitely name appropriately. Every time i come here I leave absolutely inspired! Your sis DEFINITELY one of my favorites!I often get so caught up in the pictures I have to remind myself to go back and read the words!

  19. these photos are just BEAUTIFUL and i can sense the magic! lately i have wished i could join in some faerie festival and show my jewelries there, and see what people would think of them.
    Tricia you are an great inspiration with your creations.
    finally next week, i will post little something for you. so sorry it has taken too long.

  20. Everyone looked like they were having such a great time...wonderful pics thanks for sharing them...I liked the comment you made on what we think we should look like ....society tends to keep us boxed in....nice to see people think outside the box and express what they love!! Very Bohemian....Hope all the little kitties are doing well..

    Have a great day!! :)

  21. Dear Tricia, I agree with you it is the inner child shining through. I am all for doing things & being who we individually are with as much muchness as is possible! x x Beautiful images. One day soon I so hope to be able to attend a magical event such as this x x when i can find my muchness of course ;-) Love, love, love that photo of you, you positively glow sweetie x

  22. Hello! I just love your blog! I have chosen it for the Liebster blog award! Come by my blog to get your award! Have a lovely evening :)