Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Mad Quest for Muchness... and some tea too!

BLOG TECHS NOTE.  The Aunts would like me to make the introductions.  The following story is about the adventures of the Aunts, two older... err... eccentric (translate crazy) ladies who help to care for many (seriously...  many, many as in tons!) of cats.  This is their contribution to Ms Vanessa's Mad Tea Party blog party.  I don't think Vanessa really had any idea when she invited them what she was getting but then I am just the blog tech not a psychologist.  To put this story in context you may want to visit their party from last year, and also visit the web page of the charity they are a part of: The Lucky Few.

In the mean time the following is their story. please visit Ms Vanessa's Mad Tea Party blog party  to see other lovely parties (which I am sure will be far more... normal, but again not my place to comment).

Mean while back at the Aunt's house...

Aunt Thelma has been a bit down of late, without much enthusiasm or her old zest for life,
You see she and her gentleman friend of many years parted company recently.
Aunt Louise is worried about her friend."Kitties, we should do something to cheer her up."  "Maybe another tea party like we went to last year with Ms Vanessa and the Mad Catter."  "She so loved that party."

"You're kidding right!?"

"We heard about that party!  There was a wild crowd there!"
"No Thanks"

"I'm hiding"

"I was there and the food wasn't that good.   Stuff like scones and cookies...Phooey"

"Fine then I will do it my self!"

The Next Day...

Louise set up a lovely little tea for her friend and invited her out of the house to the garden, which took a bit of coaxing.

"Oh Louise... How beautiful and so thoughtful!"

"Look at all the lovely deserts, and such pretty flowers!"
"Thank you so much Louise...  I'm sorry I've been such a hum bug lately."  "I feel like I just don't know how to be me, like I'm a shadow of myself."  "I'm not much of anything these days...  it's as if I've lost muchness!" 

"I've been thinking a lot and I am beginning to see how I built my life around him, I've lived through him not beside him."  "It wasn't healthy how much I needed him."
 "The hole inside me is just so big Louise, what am I to do...?!"  

"Time, Sweet Thelma, time...  that will help, and tea of course!"
"You know they say tea sooths the savage soul... hmm maybe we should give some to the cats..."
"How did you know that tea would be just the thing Louise?"

"Oh... a furry friend and I thought it would be a good idea."
"Now come on Thelma,  have something to eat... lets have fun!"
"I even have your favorite... Lychee nuts!"
"Where ever did you find them Louise!"  
"Oh there's this great trader I know named Joe who gets the most wonderful things."
"Thank you so much Louise, you are such a good friend...  Yes, I believe I will have some goodies." "Look at these beautiful mushroom cakes..."

"No wait!  Thelma!...  where did that come from?  I didn't make..."

"Oh dear...  here we go again... " 
"Louise look at your eyes...  It is just like Sedona all over again!"

"Look at the table, and our clothes!"

"Look at all the deserts!"
"There is just so...  much!"
"Oh veerry good Thelma...  see... you are finding your 'muchness.'"

"And such beautiful fruit."

"Forget the fruit... look at these!"
"They're beautiful but I am not sure I would want to eat them... "Especially after what the mushroom cakes did."

"There are butterflies everywhere...  and mushrooms...big ones... and, and... flamingos!"
"Oh dear we don't actually have to play croquet with them do we?"
"I am simply horrible at getting the hedge hogs through the wickets..."

"Oh, let's eat!"
 "Yes, yes... these tarts look lovely!"

"These sugared strawberries are soooo good!"

"And so is this!"

"Oh!  The chocolate is divine!"  "Cupcakes, tarts, all my favorites!"

"Hey...  what's this?  There is a note here."

"The note reads...  To mend a broken heart and journey from sadness to joy...  One must truly abandon themselves to the blueness..."  "It has a cat's paw print as a signature..."

"What do you suppose that means?"
"I am already pretty blue these days, I am not sure if that is what they mean..."
"Look, a trail of...  blue butterflies..."

"It looks like we're supposed to follow it.  Through the gate... "
"...and into the orchard"
"Look, there are arrows pointing the way..."
 "curiouser and curiouser..."

"And what's this?"

"A torn queen of hearts cards... how sad and appropriate"

"Keep going..."

"Now towards the stream..."
"Oh my Goodness!!!!!"
"who... err... what is that?"

"Oh dear...  she's a touch frightening!"

"You don't suppose I'm to speak with her do you Louise?"
"Yes, I believe so Thelma..."
"But she's smoking a hookah Louise..., I mean really!"

"Um... pardon me, I have been told to abandon myself to the blueness...  you wouldn't know what that means would you?"
" Oh dear...  I am sorry to bother you..."



Now I'm told you silly girl your muchness has left town
You're hurt and sad
without any hope
and feeling very down.
Now you think
that I might help
your muchness not to hide.
When in truth
all I can do
is help you look inside.
Now if you think
that you are less
because you've lost his heart.
Then realize...
one not-so-wise
you were never whole to start!
Learn from your cats
and understand
you cannot come from lack.
You're whole and true
and lovely too
and only you can get "it" back.
Your cats are happy
and without need
sharing only in the present.
They understand
that they are whole
and doubt not for a second.
They gift you with their love you see
not do to want or need.
But only choose to be with you
because you're fun
So cocoon yourself
and dream and heal
because your so bereft.
Then break free
and realize
your muchness never left!
It's surly been here all along
just quiet for a time.
Once you see
you don't need He.
You'll be completely fine.
Now do go
you silly girl
my head is starting to nod.
You fretful humans
when will you learn
you're all so loved by God!

"Well now Louise, I think I am going to have to meditate on that."  "Lets get out of here and go back to the deserts... I mean tea".

"Wow...  that was sure... umm... different..."

"You can say that again Louise!"  "My eyes are watering from all that smoke."

"You know, maybe it's the sugar getting to me (or the smoke) but I think I understand what she meant."  "The cats don't need us, not at all." " They choose to be with us, they live in the moment and enjoy time with us but they are quite happy on their own too."  "And none of them are lacking in muchness, that's for sure! "  "Maybe I need to look at my need of Him and see what that says about me".

"Very wise Thelma...  I think you might be slaying your Jabberwocky."  "Now pass me those tarts!"


"Good gracious Thelma!  What ever are you doing?!!!"

"I am finding my muchness"
"Not in the manner of clothing it appears, please come down and at least put your hat on...!"
"Thelma you're completely mad you know, totally bonkers"
"Well... all the good people are Louise!"

When they went back for another cup of tea they found this...

The note says...
"Even though those dear to you sometimes leave.  They will always be a part of you.  
They have helped to make you who you are today.  
The precious time you've had together 
lasts forever in your heart, 
Always my love,
Mad Catter"

This story is very lovingly dedicated to Tiger, the one and only Mad Catter and all those dealing with loss of any kind...
You will find your muchness again.
c1994 - 5/25/2012


"Thank you for joining us while we told our rather long story."
"Well you know Thelma it is a rather large chapter in your life..."
"True, True Louise, and rather exciting don't you think?"  "Oh yes Thelma, I particularly loved the part with the hookah, have you ever tried one one of those...?" "We're wandering off the subject Louise."  "Lets tell these nice readers what they might be able to win as a thank you for sticking with us to the end."
"This isn't the end Thelma... it's just the beginning!"
"Oh very good Louise... I like that!"  "Yes, yes, the beginning of lots of fun and hope, and possibly another adventure?"
"You know I have always though of writing a book... and painting again... and maybe...

EDITOR'S NOTE, We'll leave the Aunts to their... um "wanderings"  and I will tell you what you could possibly win (Geeze they don't pay me enough for this!).  All you have to do is leave a comment and become a follower of this blog (I promise the Aunts do not make too many appearances, the blog is mostly about beautiful weddings and flowers and of course cats).
I will draw a name for each of the prizes from a hat (probably one of the Aunts as they do seem to be a bit magical) on August 10th and notify you by email.

Here are the prizes...

Prize Number 1   The Slay Your Inner Jabberwocky Self Help Kit
(must supply your own hookah)
Includes a journal with pictures from a faerie wedding (see below pictures)
Nag Champa and Rose incense
Liquid Amber oil
Indian Temple oil candle
bindies for your face
a fluorite crystal
a flower topped pen for your flowery prose

Prize Number 2   an oil burning lamp with Rose oil in a pretty gift bag.

If any of you kind readers would go so far to send a donation to The Lucky Few (think of the poor kitties living with the crazy Aunts!)
You will be eligible to win this...
Please make a minimum donation of $15.00, thank you

   A lovely silver shadow box necklace with photo of a floral arrangement of mine.


A lovely tea set for two.
Includes two vintage blue and white floral patterned tea cups
two vintage napkins
A new tin of loose Lapsang Souchong leaf tea from Taylors of Harrogate.

Thank you all for getting this far, quite a journey!!
Don't forget to check out all the other parties!
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May you always have a furry friend by your side and a cup of tea,

 The music is from the CD "Zaremaya" by Mujiba Cabugos and Lorin Grean
Both truly exceptional beings and tremendously talented!