Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tea and Flowers

I know I only just posted pictures of my home, but I wanted to show you more of this photo shoot I co-designed a while back.  It has recently been published so I am now able to show you everything.  The shots are so dreamy...  enjoy!
My friend and designer Kelly Oshiro and I took an old green house on the ranch and turned it into a wedding ceremony and reception location.  We wanted and old fashioned elegance and garden feel.  We used all my vintage china, glass ware, tea cups and pots.  Quite a bit of my antique jewelry along with some beautiful pieces from a local store.  We also used lots of my props along with some from a vintage prop rental company called Found.  We dressed our model in beautiful dresses some of which are vintage clothes from my collection.  I think it turned our gorgeous!  Our photographer was Kirsten Ellis who did a magnificent job!
These cups and tea pot below are my absolute favorite of my collection!

I just love that we mixed books, flowers, moss and greenery with vintage details like jewelry, clocks, and perfume bottles as our centerpiece.

Below is one of my Grandmother's Limoges plates.

Below are purses again from my Grandmother.

These are my Grandmother's perfume bottles and books.

That's Kelly's dog below which she rescued from the tsunamis in Thailand a few years back.

This shot below is on the ranch.  Isn't it a beautiful picture!!!!  She is wearing one of my 
vintage dresses.

I added buttons and vintage lace to the bouquet below.

All my beautiful stem ware and dishes.

These little books are positively ancient again from my Grandmother.

I just love this old green house!!!

These are my kind of wedding guests below!

My vintage suitcases, fans, gloves and lace below.

Well all I can say is I am glad my Grandparents and Parents never threw anything away.  I adore sharing my goodies with everyone.  I hope you enjoyed everything!
Blessings to you,