Friday, June 22, 2012

Faerie shoe therapy... or... I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE!!!

As most of you know, life has been a bit challenging for me recently.
In an attempt to keep depression at bay I have been walking quite a bit
on the ranch I live on.  I leave my back door and I am in a beautiful
 avocado orchard that follows a little stream.

(above: this is the back of my house)

(above: the avocado orchard)

(above: You can see the stream in the back ground)

I have known this area was special since I first saw it many years ago.
 On my last post I shared a picture of a beautiful orb my girlfriend
 captured hovering near my deck. Both of us have experienced her (?)
as sort of a happy buzzing feeling.  When I am on my little ventures
I feel such a connection to nature.   I swear I feel faeries present. I haven't
witnessed one yet but I do see the most wonderful animals.   I have
seen Hawks, Crows, Coyotes, Bobcats, Squirrels, Dear and just two days
ago I saw my first Mountain Lion!  Well I was planning on sharing
 with you some photos of my walks and the beautiful scenery but on
 this last outing I found something rather surprising.

You see I come here regularly to just sit and think.  And it is
here where I have most felt the presence of the Fae.
Well I guess they have been aware of me too.

And it appears the faeries are very sympathetic to my sadness
and are trying to help.

They seem to have left me a wondrous gift!

I mean they have to be from the faeries... I have never seen
anything like them, they are just too wild to be made by humans.

They sparkle and appear to be made of flower petals, feathers,
jewels, and spider silk!

The heal has more petals, snowy leaves and iridescent butterfly wings.

The toes have more petals and tiny flowers, a beautiful jewel,
and soft fluffy white feathers.

I left them a bit of my lunch as a thank you (gosh I hope they like pastrami!)
and brought them home for further examinations.

They have the most magnificent top knot of feathers and jewels!

This is just so extraordinary!  Faeries that leave me presents!!!

Way better than therapy or prosac!
I think I am going to like it here in my new home!