Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ms Vanessa's Mad' Tea Party or Aunt Thelma, the Peacocks and a Dude in a Hat...

Hello Blog friends!
Hurray!!!  Today is the day of Vanessa's tea party from A Fanciful Twist!  To see her lovely soiree as well as what all her devoted fans are serving click on the link here or on her banner the side bar.   You will see that she has kindly linked us all up so it is really one big crazy, mad tea party I tell ya!  I am also happy to say that if you sign up as a follower on my blog and leave me a comment (preferably a nice one if possible)  at the end of the month I will choose by the process of "cats paw" (tune in later to see what that is...) a winner and send you this beautiful tea cup!

It is a delicate vintage piece and if your comment is particularly kind I will include some lovely tea as well... no "herbs or mushrooms though, just tea leaves".

So my dears... sit down and fortify yourself with a cuppa (or two or three)  and read all about the shenanigans of our wacky, totally gone round the bend, mad as any hatter and loonier than a blue Dodo bird on caffeine...  Our favorite and decidedly eccentric Aunts...

Aunt Louise and Aunt Thelma

As the story unfolds we find Aunt Thelma in the garden moping about and randomly munching on a few of the herbs and mushrooms which they grow all tangled in with the flowers.  Much to Aunt Thelma's dismay Aunt Louise has gone off to visit their dear friends Sally and Jilly and poor Aunt Thelma was left home alone.

It is at this point that I will ask the Peacocks to tell the story as they are partly responsible for what happened.

"Well as it happens...  I was also in the garden, pecking away for various seeds and grubs when Aunt Thelma walked up behind me."

I knew she was a bit lonely so I though that a visit to this crazy chap in a chapeau whom I knew, 
might cheer her up. 
I wrangled the rest of my flock (we actually call ourselves an ostentation) and told them of my plans..."

"Follow me Aunt Thelma..."

"Keep up now..."

"Mr Peacock... where did you go?"

"I think he went in here, into the bushes..."
"Hmmm...  there seems to be a tunnel of some sorts...

"Oh dear!"

"Now what have we here?  This is not my garden..."

"My... what a large mushroom...  and is that a... hat?!"

"Well... what have we here...?

"It looks like a...  well...  I'm not sure...  I've never seen anything like this!  Is it a haberdashery or a clothing emporium?  And what is it doing in the middle of my garden?"

"What a handsome gentleman...?"

 "So Aunt Thelma came out of the tunnel into this magical place, cautiously approaching the dapper man".

"He was playing his mandolin and singing a silly tune.  So far he hadn't notice her presence..."

"She stepped on a branch which made a loud 'crack' and slowly he raised his head..."

"Oh dear... I am so sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you...  You see I was following a beautiful blue peacock and fell down a hole.  I seem to have stumbled into your....  err what actually is this place?"

"Hah!  Welcome you silly girl!...  I've been expecting you Alice..."

 "It's Thelma actually...  Aunt Thelma"   

"Well, Aunt Thelma-Alice... I've been expecting you none-the-less.  Welcome to my Wonderland of clothing and chapeaus for the most discriminating mad, round-the-bend and totally bonkers clientele.  
I'll let you in on a secret...  I serve only the very best folks here! 
 I am called 'Hatter'".

"Please let me adorn you"

"Well...  I'm not sure really...  everything is so...  colorful Hatter, and it's just Thelma... Aunt Thelma"
"Yes...  we are a colorful lot here is Wonderland, it's the only way to be Aunt Thelma-Alice..."

"We have several beautiful outfits to choose from..."

"And hats to suit any occasion..."

"Hey... that hat looks familiar..."

"We have treasure troves of sparkly baubles..."

"And of course we mustn't forget a lovely pair of slippers for you toes..."

"Hatter, why does your clock have no hands?"
  "Because we don't use time here in Wonderland."
"Then why do you have a clock?"
"Because we don't need one!"
"Oh...  err... I see."

"Here my dear Aunt Thelma-Alice, try this one on..."


"Hatter...  it's Thelma, just Aunt Thelma..."

"Yes, dear...Now do try this on Aunt Thelma-Alice..."

"Hmmm...  There is something not quite right Aunt Thelma-Alice, not enough 'muchness"

"Hah!  I learned all about 'muchness' on one of my last adventures...  let me give it a try..."

"I think this will do nicely..."

"Here, you take this one Hatter."


"No Aunt Thelma-Alice... definitely not!"
"Well Hatter, I do know a thing or two about 'muchness'  what about this?"

"Oh here, here!  I think we are onto something!"

"No Hatter...  it is still not right, not enough 'muchieness"

"Yes, my dear Aunt Thelma-Alice, I couldn't agree more.  Try this on."

"And now this charming hat."

"Oh my dear Alice...  It's lovely!"

"Here... the perfect additional note of 'muchieness'

Wah La!  The ideal Wonderland, totally bonkers, round-the-bend, 
much, muchy muchness... adornment!"

"You forgot one thing Hatter...  These are my most wonderful 'muchness' stockings...  Now I'm set... and its Thelma, Aunt Thelma!"

"Ah hem...  Of course dear Thelma-Alice, whatever you want...  now what was I doing?... 
 I feel a bit distracted...  ah yes...
 I almost forgot... one more thing, 
your own set of looking glasses..."

"Oh Hatter!!  Everything is so sparkly and rosy!"
"It feels like magic!"

"And now my dear...  off to tea we must go...  The Dodo bird has been kind enough to allow us to use his nest.  We mustn't be late!"

"But Hatter...  I thought there was no time here in Wonderland."
"There isn't, it is just something a silly white rabbit keeps running around saying..."

"Oh look Hatter!  A beautiful table... in... a nest?!"

"After you my dear Aunt Thelma-Alice"

"Ah hem...  what was I saying Alice?"  I seem to be so distracted of late...  I can't imagine why..."

"What a scrumptious looking tea..."

"A toast! To dear Alice... the loveliest lady in Wonderland"
*sigh*   "Why thank you "Hatter"

"Do try these berries Alice... they really are delicious!"

"And you must try these blue cupcakes!  The Dodo made them especially for us!"

"Hatter that was simply the best tea ever!  Everything tasted so yummy!  I had the worst case of the munchies ever!  I guess that would go along with the muchness of Wonderland!"

"Yes my dear Alice, shall we head back to my chair? I will sing you a song."

"But first come and have a seat on my lap...


"You know Hatter...  I do rather like the name Alice..."

"I thought you might dear Thelma...  Alice "

"And that is the end of the story my friends!
"Aunt Thelma hasn't been seen since!  Occasionally I hear music coming from the direction of the hole and lots and lots of laughter.  I think when Aunt Louise gets back we might have to lead her down the merry path as well.... hmmm I wonder if Hatter has a friend..." 


Well, extra cupcakes and a swig of something a bit stronger for you if you actually made it all the way through the story.  The Aunts are from a different era where stories slowly unfolded and there is great joy in a tale well told.  Hopefully you enjoyed yourself.  Don't forget to sign up as a follower and leave a comment if you would like a chance to win the tea cup.  I would love to send it to you!
Have the best time visiting all the wacky parties out there in blog land...  if you see Aunt Louise let her know that Aunt Thelma may not be returning home any time soon...

I also would like to thank the "Hatter" Vince Chafin,  himself not only for being a good sport but for being my sweet love and a rockin editor.  He actually cropped and played with each photo above.  He is as cool in real life!


  1. What a fun and memorable party for you! I love all your gorgeous outfits and your silly commentary. Looks like you both had a great time! I signed up to follow you. Your giveaway is very generous---thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Hope you'll stop by my party, as well.

  2. What a beautiful, bohemian and romantic picture story!

    This is me:

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  4. I agree you do MUCHNESS to its best.

  5. *am seriously jealous of Aunt Thelma* Gorgeous clothes to dress up in...fabulous garden to explore in...and a "Hatter" to die for lol Thank you for the entertainment :D XXX

  6. Wow, can I come over to play dress up too? Such a lovely party and site! I'll definitely be visiting again. And a giveaway too?! Yes please!
    I hope you'll visit me too!

  7. Muchness stockings and a table in a nest! Aunt Thelma-Alice had quite an adventure didn't she? I do hope you will visit my little party! ~Tricia.

  8. Oh. My. Goddess. I am COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY.


    Gorgeous, all of it, your party is a plethora of rich beautiful colors and light (and music and sound, I wager) and and...can I raid your closet?

    The transformation(s) of Aunt Thelma = astounding!!

    You rock, clearly, I am thrilled to have followed you into this Wonderland. Way more than a party, it was an experience. THANK YOU!!

    (I'll be back) :)

  9. Sooo love that nest! Wacky really is best isn't it? I think sometimes folks forget how beautiful color really is. You do a superb job of using it to it muchness:)

  10. Gorgeous outfits! The blue peacock is mesmerizing. Thanks for a fabulous time.

  11. Tricia it's so lovely to see you blogging again. I always love to see your displays of finery, whimsy and flowers.

    I really wish I could join you in visiting the Hatters Clothing Emporium, so much lovely looking outfits I'd want to try on. The tea spread the dodo laid on looked most inviting too and how nice they lent you their nest.

  12. What a journey! May I please get adorned, too? ;-D

    Here is Drusilla's Haunting Mad Tea Party.

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  14. Oh, you did a wonderful job! I loved your party.

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  16. This was truly magical...and FUN! Do you think you have clothes that would fit me? Oh, how I would love to dress up in those gorgeous dresses. And I have a mandolin so I could bring it? Hope you'll stop by for a spot of tea with me, too! Hugs, Diane

  17. Oh what fun. I smiled and giggled through it all. Thank you for a delightful Tea Party visit.

  18. OMG i love allllllll of it...this look so great...all the dresses and hats and the other wonderful things....i´m in love....
    Happy Unbirthday to you 2
    Cobblestone Prims

  19. I've fallen MAAAADLY in love with all of your bohemian style and gypsy inspired outfits. What a fun time!

    Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day. If you have time, drop by my tea party. I always love to share tea and nibblies with new friends. :)

  20. Just had to tell you what a delightful time I had at your tea party! You went all out....and it shows!

  21. O....M....G
    You have out~done yourself again darling!!! I had a wonderful time at your party! And, may I add, you look amaZing!!

  22. Amazing really doesn't say it properly. The pictues are just fabulous. Like walking into a picture book. With tea. And Hatters. This is my first Tea Party and I'm really enjoying all these wonderful photo journeys. Yours is a highlight. Thank you so much. And should time allow, feel free to visit my Study. Happy Un-Birthday!

  23. AWESOME party ans story! Love all of your vintage habadashery! The light-heartedness of the story and it's players, especially the hatter (as I know getting men to participate in these things is tough) and I love the peacocks. I wasn't able to participate this year, sadly...but was glad to get so many great invites! Thanks for having me.

    PS...all the props were great but your teapot is beautiful

  24. OH!!! mymymymymymymy goodness gracious! Tricia you are amazing, this is unreal, your treasures make me faint, your peacocks, your guest your tales! You are amazing as always!! <3 <3 <3

  25. Hello~ Me again. I saw your comments. I've been having the same problem today. I look forward to returning to read more of your blog!! Thanks for the follow! I hope you have a magical weekend!!

  26. I actually did read the whole story. I was captured by all the pictures and hard work that must of gone into your beautiful tale. THank you thank you for sharing! The party wouldn't be complete without this story shared. Moments Divine

  27. Sigh! The instant I saw the Hatter and his clothing store, I exclaimed, "what a treasure trove of clothing!" Ah, so many items there I need so much to add to my collection of mad Victorian faery clothing! I think you must be a kindred spirit, as Anne with an E would have said, and I am glad to have discovered your blog! I shall be back!

  28. Holy Smokes! This is all so amazing! What an adventure you took us on... a mad mad magickal adventure. Loved every second of it! Sooo FUN. -xo

  29. I was in blissful fantasy with this marvelous tale! Very well told, enchanting, and every bit 'mad' as a hatter tale could be!
    I hope Aunt Louise doesn't go round the bend, when she hears Aunt Thema, aka Alice, has found a Hatter friend. She may be jealous, or just want some tea and cake, and a marvelous Wonderland wardrobe would be just the ticket to keep her happy too!
    The tea cup is so sweet!
    Cheers! Ta! Ta!
    Have a marvelous continual Mad Tea Party weekend!
    Teresa in California
    and my email address:
    Thank you for the marvelous entertainment!

  30. Such a gorgeous party, it's so good to see you having so much fun. You're clearly very happy! *ahem* I mean Aunt Thelma is :-) So lovely to see. :-)

    Here is the link to my party

  31. Miss Tricia, you have created something unique and fabulous, as always. How I'd love to stumble upon a scene like this in the woods, just beautiful.

  32. Oh I always so Enjoy a tumble down your Rabbit Hole my Dear Friend... I knew there would be Peacocks and Habberdashery Delights awaiting me! And of coarse the Crew you Roll with are as Fun as you so I couldn't Imagine missing having Magical Madness with you all! Thank you for Inviting me to the Party... and I hope to see you all take a tumble down my Rabbit Hole for some Mad Tea as well... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  33. Wow, that was epic! What a great place to go shopping, not to mention the fantastic selection and it's always nice to see the Mad Hatter. Peacocks and dappled sunlight, beautiful. Thanks for the invitation.

  34. What a colorful adventure! Loved the. Clothing. And those pink fuzzy slippers where awesome! A great hatter too. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, erin ;)

  35. SO Fabulous!! Your celebration is delightful, my Dear...I'm so glad I stopped by!

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    your special delights.

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    Please put me down for the lovely tea cups. Much love to you, my friend.

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    I very much enjoyed coming by and seeing your party.

  45. Hi Tricia...I just saw this...been on a bit of a hiatus this summer...this was so much fun!! I loved this post...those clothes...I love them... beautiful colors....this was the second post I saw today with a peacock in it...mmmm I wonder what that means...Glad to see you are doing so well & are so happy... :)