Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy, colorful flowers, classes and weddings...

Hello Blog friends,  more luscious goodness to show you...  beautiful flowers and rich saturated colors... sigh!  To pretty for words...

I am still signing up folks for my ongoing floral design classes...  so fun!!!!

Here are some examples of some of the fun flower finery that we will be creating!

More of Mother Nature's bounty...

sooooo pretty...  come and play with me!!! 

Email me for more info.   triciafountaine@gmail...

I want to show you another wedding I had the fun of creating...  I LOVE the color in this special day...

It was a Hindu ceremony so I got to create my first mandep (the arbor the ceremony is held under)

The pathway leading there was great fun!  Sadly nobody danced and spun their way to the ceremony though...

The details were so bright and cheery!  We made easily over 200 feet of garland!

Here is the beautiful bride...

This is my idea of a wedding dress!  I adore the color.  

The entire family leads her to the ceremony, singing and clapping!

Here is the groom...

Everyone is soooo happy!

The Hindu ceremony was to honor the groom and his family.  Then the bride had a wardrobe change and they held a more western style ceremony...

We hurriedly took down the mandep and set up the new altar with the most beautiful deep red colors.  That was from the Brides Chinese tradition where red is the color of choice.  Usually the bride wears a red dress.  Later in the evening the bride had a third wardrobe change where she donned her beautiful  traditional red Chinese dress.  She was a busy girl and absolutely beautiful! 

The bouquets...

Here is the reception...  Love the colors!!!

This is the entrance...

Dance floor and lounge...

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this bright colorful and happy wedding!!!  I LOVE color!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying your summer, in your gardens breathing in Mother Nature's beauty!!!
Blessings to you!!!


  1. Oh Tricia, you are such a Magician! of the Highest Order! You definitely come from the world of you do all the designing for everything yourself? the idea boggles the mind. I've been wanting to email you but seems I forgot how to be a social creature, and I feel all I have to say are trite things which I abhor....but you have taken my breath away with your Floral Workshop and its description!!! :D and I sooooo wish I could be there, but I will imagine it....I wish you the absolute best!

  2. Amazing photos-love all !!! xoxo

  3. I love the flower arrangement in the boots, what a great idea.

    The Wedding looks so wonderful and fun. :-)

  4. What a beautiful multi-cultural wedding! I would love something like that, with all the colours!

  5. Stunning and :)

  6. As always, your flowers blow the mind and stir the senses. Those boots in the first photo? I need them. Deeply.