Friday, July 1, 2011

The hilarious Catter hatter party haberdashery winner...Or the winner of the ridiculous hats are...

So here we are on Friday already, where has the time gone?  I wanted to leave the Mad Tea Party blog up forever as it was just so much fun!!!  However some of you would like your winnings I expect (I hope).
Here are the prizes...

Aunt Louise's Bird Nest Hat... (Disclosure...the birds will not flap to help you carry the weight of the hat...)

Aunt Thelma's Tulle Frothy Thing... (winner beware, you might suffocate in the tulle!)
The Tea Cup hat with the cool tea bag tag... (please do not try to brew tea in the hat...  it leaks)
Or the Mushroom and Moss hat (please do not heat the mushrooms and Aunt Louise is not included...)

Or for the more sensible of you a lovely vintage tea cup and napkin...

  I was going to have the kitties pick the winner again but I am running out of time so I put all the follower's names that commented into a hat (not the fancy ones as the names would have forever been buried in the fluff and I would never have been able to get them out!).

So with no further ado, in first place and so first choice of the prizes goes to...
Kathryn from College Diva!!!!

Yea Kathryn! Which hilarious haberdashery concoction would you like?  Or would you rather like the tea cup?

Second name to come out of the hat is Karla of Dreamaginarius.  Your dream or nightmare hat will be winging it's way to you soon.  I know she would like the tea cup hat so if Kathryn does not choose that one then it is all yours.

The third name to come out of the hat is...  Tina of Carousel Dreams....  yea Tina!
Please pick yourself up off the floor, brace yourself for you might end up back on the floor with the weight of the hat and tell me which would you like (after the others choose please).

And lastly (there is still a choice so no one has to end up with the Aunt Thelma's Frothy Thing...)
Dawn from the Bohemian (which probably means Princes T will get a hat I expect...).

Also I had a few people extremely kind enough to make a donation to The Lucky Few (who the party was held for...) so the winner of the tea cup basket is...

...well the email that I received as part of the donation paper work has Mainlander in the name so I am not sure who of the followers they are but I will be emailing them directly.  Thank you so much for your generosity!

Yea for all of you and thank you soooooo much for playing with me at our party.  It was a crazy Catter blast and the kitties say a big furry thank you as well!

Blessings to all,
Tricia (aka Aunt Thelma of the kitties)


  1. I feel like the luckiest girl. I just e-mail to you my selection and mailing address. I can't wait to receive my new hat, the mushroom and moss hat. I'll be sure to host a party and sport it! oooooh what delights. Thank you again for your generosity. {soul hugs} Kathryn, Collage Diva

  2. Tricia!!!! It's 8.00am here, and I just got up and turned on the computer and saw your email! I wish I had a video of what followed - I just know you would have been laughing...Ian was reading the paper and in I came and did a happy dance in front of him, such was my delight! You beautiful girl, I adore you too, and often come here to drool over your creativeness (and that beautiful home you live in)...I am touched and honoured, and am sending you an email now...thankyou my faraway friend...gosh, I love this little on-line community on kindreds xxx

  3. whoops, of kindreds...see how excited I am?

  4. I'm so happy for the winners! Especially my new friend Karla of Dreamaginarius! *but then so sad I haven't won anything yet! *chuckles*

    Congrats everyone! I'm glad you were able to raise money for the kitties! Kitty power!

  5. Congrats are some lucky gals!!!

    Hi Tricia!!! Every so often, I'll be sneaking a peak at the lovely tea party post. It's like a dream!! :)

  6. Congrats to the winners .. I was hoping it was me... next time I'll wish hard... happy 4th to you and thoes handsome kitty cats... hugs wendy

  7. Thank you thank you!! Wohoo!! (doing happy feet dance)Seems like I am having another Mad Tea Party... but in my head!! lol Tabitha from 'Pabkins' don't worry, we will share my crazy hat!! Thank you so much! Congrats to my fellow winners and Happy 4th of July to all! xo, Karla

  8. Congratulations to Kathryn, Karla, Tina and Dawn. All the hats are so lovely that I am sure they will have a very hard time choosing.
    Also….It is I who won the teacup basket…..and how thrilled I am! Thank you! :-)
    I use that e-mail for my business account so as not to have my purchases and purchases made from my shop get mixed in with my social
    e-mail….which is
    I am JeSuisRobin.
    Thanks again and Have a most beautiful weekend.
    BTW….I shall post my winnings along with a link back to your blog after the holidays. I think those who visit my little blog would love to visit yours. I shall let you know when I have it up. Thanks again

  9. Hello everyone, I just have to say that I am beyond happy and honored that all of you like my silly creations and our mad post so much. I wish I could have made 43 hats for all the people who commented. I feel so honored to have so many supporters and the kitties are feeling positively conceded! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will do a give away again soon (see what flattery will get you?!). So if you missed out I will make something crazy, fun and silly again to give away soon! Thank you again to everyone who participated, the kitties and I really appreciate it!

  10. Thanks for letting me know I won something! I'm SO honored and excited... love everything, so surprise me... my e-mail is so drop me a PM. Diva Faiery Princess that she is I know Princess T will be sporting my winning ensemble with pride... will HAVE to do a Post on that. *winks*

    Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Tricia, just had to pop back in to say I got your little are a kindred sister indeed, and I adore you! Oh, and congratulations to all the other winners - we are lucky girls indeed, and you can bet I will be doing a special post when my beautiful creation arrives in the mail! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, hee hee!

  12. Congratulations to all the lucky winners and to the kitties who also benefitted from this post.
    Thank you for letting us have another close up look at your fanciful creations.

  13. Congrats to ALL your lucky winners! I know they will be most excited to take home your lovely creations. Thanks again for a most fun time!!! :)

  14. Nuts! I didn't make it over to your tea party!
    I feel like stamping my tiny, fairy, feet...darn! darn! darn! How I missed coming to it is beyond me.
    Your blog is absolutely fabulous!
    Congratulations to those who won those lovely hats! How charming!
    You can still come on over and view my Mad Tea Party on my previous post...I thought for sure you left me a post but I couldn't find it on my tea party post! Anyway, I am going to add your name to my giveaway as I think I did an Oops! with your comment somewhere...I am obviously a very, very naughty fairy today!
    Hope you had a lovely fourth of July!
    Teresa in Central California