Monday, May 12, 2014

Helloooooooo Out There!!!!!

Hello my blog friends, that is if you haven't given up completely...  First thank you to so many of you who contacted me wondering if I had shuffled off this mortal coil.  Your concern touched me deeply.  I am happy to say I am alive and well.  My story follows below...  you may want to get a cup of tea, it is a long tale indeed.

Life has been quite a journey for this last, almost a full year.  Many a twist and turn with some beautiful destinations and also some hair pin turns along the way.  Most of the journey has been beautiful, just so full that I find myself jet lagged though I've not been near an airplane.   Without much notice I had to move from my magical home to another location on this ranch that I love.  Of course my business had to go too with all my myriad props and supplies.  Trying to accomplish this in the middle of designing weddings every weekend added to the character in my face and greying hair.  This took place about 2 weeks after my last post.  My new home is just as magical as my old one although it took some work and is itsy bitsy faerie tiny!  There is a dilapidated greenhouse on the grounds that I turned into a prop house so I was able to organize and stow all my treasures, thank goodness!  I also dragged my workspace down and set it on the grounds as well.  That was a story in itself.  It and my beautiful large picture window made it without breaking I am happy to say.

I had to start over with the garden which was both daunting and also delightful.  As I watered I discovered that there has been what seems like an herbalist here before me.  Many wonderful surprises popped out of the ground and now I feel like an old wise woman with an apothecary's garden. I must study herbs while I am here!  I have added to my secret garden in spades so that now it is overflowing and beautiful!   Pictures soon to follow.

One of the unexpected destinations on my last years journey was a lovely gentleman that I am happy to say I now call my sweetheart.  He is more of a match than I thought possible.  He is many wonderful things, some of which are musician, jewelry maker, painter, avid gardener (he has been hugely responsible for the changes in our yard!), farmer, deeply spiritual and also has the honor of conducting Native American inspired ceremony.  I feel like I have come home and oh so blessed!  We have been together for 10 months now, which also explains my absence (insert a knowing smile).

Here we are dressed in Steam punk attire for a wedding I designed.  

Here we are just before a graduation ceremony that I was honored to be in.  That is another chapter in my exciting journey which I will post more of soon.  In brief I have become part of a wonderful women's program called Woman Within.  It is an organization that has its roots in ancient feminine rights of passage.  They offer many experiences with the first one being an initiation weekend.  I found myself connecting with deep parts of my self, forming bonds with other women and together reclaiming our power.  It is a beautiful group that is international so if you are interested there may well be an initiation weekend near you.  They also have a male counterpart called The Mankind Project which holds the same purpose for men.  They truly work miracles in men's lives helping them to find an emotional connection with them selves and their brothers.  These men come out transformed and it is a gift to witness.  My sweetheart has been involved with them for many years and introduced me to Women Within.  They were founded by a husband and wife team over 30 years ago.  Truly organizations of sacred alchemy!

Here are some pictures of my home... below is the before.  I will post some after pictures in the next few days.
 Not much of a garden to speak, who would have known all the sleeping beauties that were going to poke their heads out soon. 

Above is the old greenhouse my girlfriends and I turned into Aladdin's Cave.  

(Above )This was the magical sight that greeted me on the day I moved in.  Peacocks all over the roof.  I took it as a blessing and moved in with a light heart!

Here you can see the front of my little house.  It used to be the old store for the ranch when they grew Christmas trees.  I love the old writing and the western style.  It feels as if I am in an old movie! Again in this picture the Peacocks are welcoming me home.  This land is so magical!  From our front door all day long we hear the exotic call of these beautiful birds.  There is also a family of Hawks that live in the tall Eucalyptus trees nearby.  They soar right over our house and cry out to one another.  Just visible in the distance is an majestic old train trestle bridge with the ocean just beyond whose waves we can hear crashing on heavy surf days.  Sometimes I can't believe my blessed life.   

There has been a few challenges along the way.  Somewhere, it appears, I came into contact with that enemy of immune systems... the dreaded MOLD!  As a result I have managed to catch everything that has been going around for several months running.  Just recently I contracted 3 separate viruses with the result that I have been covered in blisters for the last 5 weeks!  The bitter with the sweet I guess.  I am working with a Natural Path and taking so many vitamins that if you shook me I would rattle.  One benefit is that I have no need to fear any vampire as I am eating 10 plus cloves of raw garlic per day to beef up my immune system.  Fortunately my man likes garlic!  I am hoping I am on the mend, I know all the emotional energy, both the bad AND the good have taken its tole on my system as well.  I try and rest as much as I can these days.  That part is nice though I am getting antsy!

Of course I have done many a wedding and photo shoot over the last year.  Here is a sampling.
This picture above is from an amazing shoot I did with Elizabeth Messina and Twigs and Honey.  I took the above picture, sort of a "behind the scenes"shot.  Elizabeth's picture is below.   We used my styling, props and vintage clothes and Twigs and Honey's incredible hair adornments.  Myra Callen the owner and designer of Twigs and Honey is so talented and also a beautiful soul.  It was a pleasure to work with her!

 Here are some more...

These pictures below are again from Elizabeth Messina but the shoot was for Shop Ruche.
I was one of the stylists and also did all the florals.  So much fun!

Below is a flower wall I made.  Super luscious but a TON of work!!!

Below is a tantalizing picture from a shoot I did with Shirlie Kemp.  I won't show you any more as I am hoping to include it in a magical book.  Another project I am working on.  Oh those faeries...  they do like to keep me busy!

Well I think I will leave you with that for now.  There is much to report which I will do over the next few weeks.  Many a new project is being born, especially as I rest.  Ideas are hatching faster than I can keep up.  I so hope you are all well and thriving!  I am soooo happy to be back!
Blessings to you always and forever!


  1. First, so glad you are back and doing well (for the most part.) Also, congrats on meeting your sweetheart. You are a very talented woman. I hope you find home in your new space & love in every corner of your life. Keep well & mend.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work.

  2. Tricia! So glad you are back to blogging! We have followed each other on instagram but you can't share quite as much information as you can on a blog! I am so happy for you with this lovely new man, and new home! You always land on your bohemian feet ;)

  3. Tricia, oh what a relief. Got kinda worried about you, but I'm so glad to hear that you are doing fine. It's been a difficult 2014 so far for Kate & Jacob but I believe they are going to make it quite nicely. So glad that you are healing in all spheres. That's great to know. If you come back to Pasadena/ LA please call me would love to have lunch, dinner, brunch, whatever and just catch up. You are such a radiant positive force, so glad you have found your male counterpart :) And the offer to adopt you is still open. Would love to stop by the ranch when you're not to busy and say hi to the faeries. I have so missed your adventures glad that you are well enough to blog again. Feel better and heal a little more each day and always know that you are loved

  4. Welcome back chic'! I was so afraid something had happened to you. I'm so glad you've found someone and they are so fortunate to have you!! The new place looks great, including the peacocks on the roof, they're louder than any rooster to wake you up! It sounds like everything is perfect but your health, I know how that is and I'm so sorry! I would love to see you when I'm out there again, please take care and don't worry about the gray hairs, those are the threads of lessons learned along the way. I miss seeing you, come back!

  5. I am so super excited for you ----- I've contacted you before with so many commonalities in life. I am about to embark on my own major transformation time - I'm excited too.

    Have a wonderful afternoon. That fairie photo is amazing.

  6. Yay!! So glad you are back in the Blogosphere, since as you can see, YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED!!! This new blog is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT!!! And I can't wait to see more of those pix from the shoot with Shirley… the one here is just breathtaking!!! I WANT MORE!!!! Love you My Sweet Thelma!!! I love being Louise to you!!! Crank it out Sistah!! The World, Your Oyster, Awaits!!! YOU Rock!!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Wonderful to see you here again!!!
    Sorry about the mold, but wow!
    I'm so very happy to know you are on the mend, in so many ways:D
    Welcome back,
    Looking forward to more beautiful posts.

  8. So wonderful to see you back and to read all the wonderful things you have been up to. :-)