Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Hobbit hole, garden and Faerie work space...

First I want to mention that I loaded a bunch of new beautiful goodies in my etsy shop.  It has been dormant for too long now.  Not any more!  It is simply bursting with fabulous finds.  From Indian Jewelry...

To art work...

to jewelry...

and of course.....   faerie finery.
 come by and take a look!  Here is a link and you can also click on the for sale items on the 
right side bar.  Happy shopping!

Now onto other things...

I mentioned in the last post that I would share some pictures of our home, garden and workspace soooooo....  LOADS of pictures to follow!
You've have been warned!

Lets start with our home.
This is the outside leading up to the front door.

When you walk in the front door here is what you see. Living room on the left and the kitchen on the right.  That's the office tucked in the left corner.

This is the kitchen, taken with my back to the couch.

The house is tiny!  Minuscule as in Faerie and Hobbit size.  Go figure...  I was all by myself in my other house, 3 bedrooms,  2 baths, huge kitchen and then I move into this adorable little doll house and gain a big bear of a man within 3 weeks!   Ya just never know!

The kitchen island complete with a map of Middle Earth on it.  Ever square inch of surface space in our home is covered with our art and favorite belongings.  I am threatening to hang things from the ceiling before too long!

This is a cabinet above the TINY refrigerator that contains our tea things.  We drink tons of that special brew being good Hobbits.   And of course tea is to be expected when your heart belongs to both the Shire and England...  Ireland and Scotland for that matter too.  I expect if I ever make it to New Zealand and Australia I will have to make room in my heart for those beautiful places and people too!  Anyway we have lots of tea!!!

The spice rack.

Looking back towards the living room with my back to the kitchen.  The office is to the right.  Don't you like the way I refer to the areas as if they were rooms in a big house?  It is really one big room but we manage to split it into areas.  We really love our home, in spite of it being small.  We have everything we need and a lovely outdoor space where we spend a great deal of our time.

The book cases behind the couch.  Vince and I love Native American culture and art and between us we have quite a collection.  

More of the book cases...  We also have rather a library size supply of books.  The Native American section is a bit overwhelming!  Not having cable means we don't watch TV.  We have a television that we enjoy rented movies on but other than that we don't sit in front of the tele.  It is wonderful to spend a quiet evening reading and talking, or sitting on the porch.  I haven't had TV in close to 20 years now and I don't miss it at all!  

The "office"

You can see Cleo through the window.  That goes into a screened in side porch that we use as storage for us and my business.  She has a shelf out there that she loves to sleep on.

The books and our nicknack's...  I mean beautiful art collection! 

The front of the armoire.

The top of the armoire.

More goodies...

My altar.

more details...

An Afghanistan wedding dress. 

The bathroom.

I adore vintage clothes.  I have several hanging in the bathroom.

Now lets head out into the garden...

We planted bushels of bushes, flowers and herbs and as we watered beautiful surprises came out of the ground!  Someone long before us had been an herbalist and much of what they had planted still remained.  It was just lying dormant until someone came along that cared.  What magic in the garden we discovered!!!

There is Passion Flower vine growing all over like weeds!  That's it in front of the 
bird (I mean squirrel) house.

There are pathways that lead all over.  Between what we planted and what popped up we have a veritable Apothecary shop!  There is sage (many types), rosemary, thyme, marjoram, basil, tarragon, oregano, lavender, yerba santa, echinacea, mint, jasmine, sweet peas, yerba mansa, mugwart, and a whole host of other beauties!!! 

Lots of gorgeous roses!

some visitors... 

We created a medicine circle with a fire pit where we host men's and co-ed groups.  Sitting under the stars at night with the fire going talking and supporting each other feels as old as time!

Here is our side porch where we spend most of our time.  It is lovely out here is Santa Barbara, never too hot or cold (usually)!  That is a vegetable planter box we put on the railing.  It has all our lettuce in it and for the most part keeps the bunnies out so we can actually harvest a salad for us.

Here is the view out the front door looking into our compound.  

That is our workspace in the middle and my prop house on the right.

We had some high winds which tore up the roof a bit.  I haven't fixed it yet so forgive me...

Going in the door of the workspace...

aaaannnnddd.... what else would you expect to find but...  faerie costumes!!!

When I am not in the middle of flower preparations for a wedding it is set up for our art.
Between us we paint, make jewelry, leather craft, drums, rattles, shields, and a myriad of other goodies!

Jewelry I'm working on.

Ribbons a plenty!

And tassels...

Some of my paintings in progress.

some of Vince's Mandela paintings.

His jewelry work area.

A new set of earrings he just finished for a special order.

More bits and bobs...

Wings everywhere!

And faerie shoes.

Well...  I think that is more than enough to be going on with!!!!!!
I didn't post pictures of our bedroom because it is a HUGE mess right now. Think walk in closet with a bed... seriously!  I will post that later, I think we both need a break.
I hope you are like me and enjoy looking into peoples homes.  Especially collectors (pack rats) and artists (great with a glue gun!)!
If not I expect you dropped off long ago!
I have lots of event pictures to post next time.
For now...

Blessings to you!


  1. Tricia, your home and work space is simply beautiful. It is alive with beauty and passion. I love it. Though it may not be as big as your other place, it's so cozy. Glad to know you are settled and doing well.

  2. Oh!
    This post ended much too quickly for me!
    I adore all your amazing goodies! It's cozy and colorful and loved.
    There's lots of love there:)
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post Tricia
    I'm so happy for you!

  3. I think you need more books:) It's all just beautiful. I love your living room rug (of all the things to notice.) Your work space is fantastic. Isn't it great that you can both create in a close proximity? There is a connection in that. Your area is sure dry. Hope you weren't affected by the fires ~ not sure just where you are.

  4. Wow, what a magical abode! I know it's tiny, but I'm packing my bags and moving in!! :)
    I'm so happy your world is finally coming together! You are such a beautiful person!!!

  5. I love how you fill your home from floor to ceiling with things you love! That is such a beautiful way to be! I adore your spaces, it is one of the reasons I fell in love with your blog a few years back. Everything looks cozy, and love-filled!

  6. Oh Tricia I'm so glad you stopped by for a Blog Visit again so that I wouldn't miss your new Post of the way you have Feathered your New Nest, Studio and Gardens! Love it all... we are such Kindred Spirits that I own so many similar Treasures that it could be my house! *winks* In fact, I own a Tribal Wedding Dress almost exactly like the Afghan one you have and had been wondering about it's Origin since I picked it up at a local Thrift Shop and don't know anything about it! I had thought it could be from near that Region, now I am fairly certain it is since it is so similar to yours! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Dear Tricai ~ ahh i see i have much catching up to do, that's what happens when I don't visit often enough. It sounds as if things are good for you, yay x I loooved this walk through of your home, so much inspiration & beauty everywhere. thank you for sharing lovely, and so glad you sound so happy x x x x Ruthie x

  8. I would suggest checking out it seems like it would be right up your alley. (sorry if this is a duplicate lol)

  9. I would suggest checking out it seems like it would be right up your alley. (sorry if this is a duplicate lol)