Thursday, August 2, 2012

Neil Gaiman and It's easy being green, sorry Kermit

I came across this amazing speech by Neil Gaiman as he addressed a graduation assembly of art students.  I think it is one of the most wonderful bits of advice, really for anyone entering a new field but especially artists.   Just wonderful!

Lady of the Woods did a post that I loved on all green arrangements here.  It got me to thinking about the green floral arrangements that I have done and how lovely that theme is.  I thought I would share some with you.
This was a graduation party for a couple of ladies that were getting their environmental studies degree so we did an all green theme in more ways than one.

The key in any monochromatic arrangement is to have lots of textures and all the ranges of the color.

Another fun use of all green...

All green bouquets.

I mixed in vintage green beaded flowers for a fun touch.

Here are a couple of ocean themed all green arrangements.

Mix in a few shells for the beach feel.

Here is a mostly all green guest card table.  The guests names were written on garden markers and placed in live plants.  This idea is also very environmentally friendly too.

Another varieation.

These were the table centerpieces for the above check in table.

Again environmentally green too.

These are mostly green with a pop of color.

A mostly green and purple bouquet with lots of exotic touches.

Starting to deviate now but this bouquet goes so well with the one above.

That's it for now,


  1. Tricia, you are just off the charts, darlin, off the charts brilliant! Thanks for mentioning my arrangement, but I'm blown away by yours! So glad you took pictures along the way...what a beautiful legacy to the green kingdoms to make arrangements just with greens! no wonder the Fae have blessed you with mystical abilities! I adore you. lady

  2. This is a stunning post. Beautiful and inspirational.
    I also think everyone should listen to Neil's speech.

  3. Loved the speech from Neil Gaiman! WOW

  4. Beautiful flowers and color combos! Makes me wish I lived closer to you and could work with you.