Tuesday, August 7, 2012

candles and color

I think it is probably pretty obvious by looking at my blog and web page that I like color.  The saturated brilliant jewel tones that Mother Nature comes up with are just astonishing to me.  I love to mix them in bold combinations that take your breath away.  Some of the colors seem to me to almost vibrate!

This bouquet makes me think of the colors of fruit punch.  I remember when I was a kid my mom would let me drink Hawaiian Punch which was such a gorgeous color.  Now I shudder at the chemicals that I ingested but at the time I was drinking pure beautiful tropical red.  I adored it!
I love to mix deep velvet colors with hot bright pops of color.
Bright colors just seem so happy!

Sometimes breaking up the intensity of the saturated colors with texture in the same hue makes for a beautiful look.
Also just masses of the same color flower but using all the different shades is lovely.

Unexpected color combinations are fun like red and purple.
Or a mix of solid masses of hot colors with cool notes mixed in.

Or just the powerful impact of all hot colors
To me there are no rules, do what looks good to you, just go for it.  I am obviously not a "less is more" kind of girl.  I appreciate that style but it is not what floats my boat.  I am a "more is not quite enough" kind of girl.

It is a good thing I live in an area where people can afford my jam packed flower arrangements : )
Once when I was interviewed for a magazine article they asked me for advise on what to do with lower budgets, I said to get a smaller vase : )
I really wasn't trying to be cheeky, I promise.
I also think masses of single so called "filler flower" looks great as in my Baby's Breath wedding a couple of posts ago. That was affordable and beautiful!
I also looovve candles!  Just candles can look wonderful!
But of course there has to be TONS!
All kinds of candles are beautiful.  The above picture was an outdoor themed natural event. 
 I loved mixing the old fashioned camping lanterns with regular votives.
Candle light always makes everything look so soft and beautiful.
I think it looks especially lovely as an ambiance for people.
This ceremony was held in the barrel room of a winery with the only light coming from candles and twinkle lights.  It was breath taking!

Mixing candles with twinkle lights I think looks lovely.
Or shielding harsh light with shades or in this case paper parasols.

Of course adding chandeliers to candles and twinkle lights makes my "more is better" heart sing!

Speaking of more, this was a lovely birthday party with a long feasting table set under an Oak tree.
The table was set with a miss matched collection of bright color glasses and china.

I hung lots of fun lanterns, crystals on ribbons, flowers and all sorts of bits from the tree.

Of course there were lots of candles and twinkle lights.

The table just glowed as the night wore on.

It's funny this was not an over-the-top affair by a long run but it really is one of my favorite parties.
It was just so sweet and fun.
I hope you are all enjoying your summer and that you get a chance to bask in the seasons flowers.  I wish for you a beautiful table set outside in the garden, among lots of candles good food and great friends.


  1. Stunning as always my dear!!!! I think we should grab a bottle of Champagne & that little raspberry liquor & make a Kir Royal for a toast don't you? HUGS from Larry, Elle & I. Cindy had her dental surgery today. Hope she's doing well. I need to call Joey to check on her tomorrow. Right now I'm in the throws of a HUGE remodel in my Master Bath. Missing California & those cool temps as we're around 105 every day.

  2. Beautiful. It all made me smile. Awesome.

  3. O I can't stand it, I just can't stand it...it makes your heart sing but it makes mine stop, stutter, stumble and trip all over itself! It just doesn't know how to handle all this beauty. Maybe its not a good idea we live close, Id be there and be no use standing around with my mouth hanging open. How did you get all those paper parasols to hang like that?? If it were my own wedding Id be in shock staring at all this. * :D *
    I believe we should all live with only candles, twinkle lights and the sun....and gather around us all the flowers our hearts can contain from the peonies to people!

  4. I have been catching up on your blog!! the tea party post was outstanding!!! The color, flowers & those lights in the rest of the posts!!...I agree with Lady...we should only live with these things surrounding us....:) It sounds as though you are moving forward in your journey of healing... I was sorry to hear about Tiger ...May he RIP :(T

    Peace & good energy to you, my friend ((HUGS)))

  5. The Parasol Chandie totally made me Smile! I too am Hopelessly drawn to bold Color. I've tried to do the monotone or white thing but it just isn't me. Though I do ADORE Sage & Sepia Styling... so I've mixed Bold Color with Sepia and that seems to be my given Palette of internal Bliss! Thanks for stopping by and leaving encouraging words as well as a good Book to check out, which I shall... right now the Land of Blog has been my Escape and Respite of choice, kind of difficult to be around people or Events right now since I'm totally not feeling it, but Virtually I can handle it. And it is a Social Connection of sorts so that I don't risk isolating when I'm dealing with too much stuff... I know you're also 'Going Through' right now and knowing that others are pressing on really has Inspired me and given me renewed strength that this too shall pass... and I can remain up by Faith and know it will hold even if everything else seems to be falling apart.

    Virtual Hugs and Positive Energies being sent your way too my Friend... When I'm feeling Blue I just plop the Tulle Hat Creation on that you sent and I just have to laugh out loud, its such a Cheerful and Fun ensemble!!! And so over-the-top Fabulous! Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. So many beautiful things. I love the parasols shielding the light. And I love color with no rules.

    I was reading an article about someone's garden yesterday and she said she never used colors that clashed and I thought that sounded sad, I love mixed colors.