Saturday, June 2, 2012

A whimsical wonderful artist... Miss Clara!

Hello Everyone,
A fun post today as I am trying to inject a bit more happiness into my life right now.

I have run across this beautiful lady's work as well as her beautiful home on Tumbler and Pinterest.

 I have tried to track her down to learn more about who she is.

She makes the most beautiful and intricate paper sculptors.  Small dolls, clothes, shoes, really all sorts of lovely things.

 I don't speak French but I am able to cobble together some information.

 It appears she illustrates children's books with her art.

 I have her web site on my side bar.  Here is the link.

Her home is as wonderful as her art!

Miss Clara is one of my favorite artists.

She seems like a faerie godmother.

So whimsical and precious.

This video gives you a sense of her creations and her beautiful home.

Just thought I would share something fun and light hearted.



  1. How beautiful! I wish I had 1% of her talent, thank you for sharing!xoxo-cindy

  2. Oh Tricia, Thank You for sharing Miss Clara's info, her Home and Art is Bohemian Perfection isn't it?!? *Swooning heavily...* Now I'm off to add some of these Images to my Pinterest Board and find out more about her myself.

    BTW: I'm so glad you are interjecting Happy thoughts and Positive Energy into your days to help you through the Valley... Hugs from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh yes, i discovered her wondeful work a few months ago via another blog, its just so amazing, a really talented lady with great style. Pixie x

  4. Isn't she AMAZING....I did a post a while back on her but I never tire of looking at her can't help but smile at her beautiful home & art work...the colors!!!....I hope this made you smile....

    Peace Tricia...XO

  5. thank you for sharing this. Made me feel happy just seeing her wonderful work. Her home is amazing. Hugs Sara

  6. Oh wow she looks wonderful, it really is a fairytale house. Think I'll be gazing at those photos a lot, so beautiful.

  7. ...simply stunning find! ~ thankyoU sO much for sharing! ~ blessed be dear gentle friend!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...