Monday, July 4, 2011


I have been in a turquoise frame of mind lately.  So enjoying the
deep soothing color as well as the stone the color is named after...
The Navajo believe the stone is the child of Father Sky (taking on His color) 
and Mother Earth (the substance of Her).
Which is part of why they love it so much...
I love the different shades of turquoise Native American jewelry comes in.

From emerald green to soft baby blue.
But I don't just love the stone,  I love the color as well...
I have a few pieces of furniture in shades of turquoise...
But I still had to try and make a painting of a turquoise door,

Here is a beautiful Guatemalan Mola in shades of turquoise...
Look at the details in the embroidery...

And of course Indian saris are so lovely in turquoise...
Really anything is so pretty in those shades...
However like the stone, the Peacock Feather, made by 
Mother Nature is so much better that what humans can create...  
She is pretty amazing!

However I do love it when Mother Nature and humans collaborate...
Sometimes we make a good team.


  1. Holy Turquoise! :)

    I love posts about colors. Your turquoise jewelry is beautiful. Some of them look like vintage pieces too. My favorite shade of turquoise is one that has a green tint. The Indian sari is gorgeous!

  2. wow!!! Jewelry amazing!! Turquoise is my stone :) i love it!

  3. Tricia, I couldn't agree with you more, and lucky me, it is my birth stone! I have a few lovely pieces of jewellery, but nothing to compare to your gorgeous collection (I wish!) You have photographed everything so beautifully here - love all the chippy goodness (that door - ahhhhh!)

  4. I love turquoise myself and this post made me sooo happy. I went oooh and aaahh as I was looking at all the beautiful pieces and fabrics. So gorgeous.

  5. These turquoise treasures are so lovely. There is something cooling about it for the summer. Nice selections! :)

  6. Beautiful color. I'm part Native American, so I love turquoise jewelry. It makes me feel connected, in a way, to the earth and my ancestors. I have a lump of turquoise too, and I love to roll it around in my hands. It always feels nice and cool.

  7. A beautiful collection of photos of one of my fav Colors.

    Dawn... The Bohemian