Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot and Hectic!

It has been a hot, hectic and stressfull time of late so I have been dreaming of cool, peaceful, introverted dreamscapes.

Don't laugh but I have only just now figured our how to capture and copy Tumbler photos.  There are so many lovely Tumbler blogs out there.  All of these pics come from a few of my favorite photo sites which I have listed at the bottom.  If you want a beautiful inspiring afternoon then visit these lovely places with a cup of tea in hand.

Blessings all...  I hope you find a fun puddle to jump in!

Great photo sites...
Parsley, Page Rosemary and Time

Moonlight and Rainbows

Blessed Wild Apple Girl

Magic and Romance

Vintage Rose Brocante

Expecto Patronum


  1. wow..what beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh those purple flowers... And the lady in green... And the stone stairs! It's too much beauty to handle. Thank you so much for sharing these.