Monday, December 17, 2012

A Romantic Barn Wedding

Goodness but I feel like one of Santa's elves.  I have been making my wings, wreaths and goodies for the holiday fairs around town.  It has been fun talking with folks and explaining my whimsical wares.  I just love making pretty things!
I do have some pictures for you of a wedding I had the pleasure of designing and creating.  It was on Dos Pueblos Ranch, of course : ) and so pretty.  The bride and groom were Katelyn and Eric...  Have a look,
The ceremony was in the center of the barn as it was raining that day.  We draped the sides of the barn to conceal the dining tables that were on either side.

Are these the two cutest ring bearer and flower girl ever!!!

The brides bouquet

The boutonnieres

The centerpieces

I used lots of lavender both in the form of plants and cut flowers too.

All the photos are by the ever amazing Braedon Flynn photography, A wonderful man and an exceptional photographer!

I am going to have a fun ritual/ceremony for the solstice that I will share with you in a day or so.  
See you then!


  1. Beautiful! Loved the draping in the barn.

  2. Enchanting!

    Your events are so beautiful and creative!
    Am really looking forward to your Solstice celebration photos!

    Blessings this Yule!

    The Goat Borrower

  3. Such a pretty wedding. You can't tell in the photos that it was raining or had rained. What a magic place to have the ceremony! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Elle send puppy kisses! HUGS!

  4. It's beautiful Tricia! I have thought about you so many times this last month and I have not been a very good friend not checking on you! I can see you're busy with weddings and lordy knows what else. When is the Solstice party and what is a solstice party? I love all the photos, I hope you've got a scrapbook of all these weddings, I still think you should publish a book! Have a great holiday, take care precious girl! xooxoxo-cindy

  5. Another absolutely beautiful wedding! So glad you are having fun creating beautiful treasure!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Tricia, you are just off the charts girl! I adore what you DO you get such huge long curtains up on all sides like that? I want a wedding without the marriage, can we do that? and you do all the arrangements too of course! This time I get to watch LOL

  7. Thank you. I've been feeling very low just lately and I've not been around the blogs much but to come on and see your lovely photos always puts a smile on my face. It looks like it was such an enchanting day and the flowers are beautiful.

    Wishing you a beautiful solstice and a merry yule.

    J x

  8. I love the barn so much, especially the photo of the entrance and the little boy, wow!
    Hope to come and see your beautiful barn next year Tricia. Wonderful work as always!
    Shirlie x x x

  9. Oh so very beautiful Tricia, it all made me smile. Such wonderful ideas you have.

    I can only imagine the wonderful ideas you have on your mind for the Solstace photos. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  10. Such a wonderful wedding for the couple.Though the place were not elegant but it looks pleasant and peaceful.

    The flower girl and the ring bearer is so cute.


  11. The two kids up there are so cute, I love the photos and also the place. I like the environment, it looks like an old one. It looks simple but elegant.