Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am back... SUPER LONG POST!!!

Wow...  where does the time go to?  Between weddings, kitties and the faeries I have been beyond busy!  I have missed all of you and missed posting all sorts of goodies.  Back to back weddings, new cats with medical issues and my hasty decision to be a vendor at the Faerieworlds festival in Oregon leaves no time to do much of anything else.   So I will post a few items in the next several days as any one is too long for one post.  The first blog are pics of what is now one of my all time favorite weddings.  It just made it onto the Style Me Pretty blog site which I am so happy about.  So without further ado...  the wedding!
It took place on the ranch where I live.  Here they are in an old abandoned green house that's on the property.  Cool shot huh?
We have these fun old cow sheds that we have turned into changing rooms for the bride and groom that are adjacent to the barn where the reception was.  Here is the inside with the bridesmaids bouquets and some vintage clothes I hung up as decor

Here she is getting ready...

Her bouquet.  I made it with Peonies, blue Thistle, Garden Roses, Jasmine and some kind of grass stalks that were in a field across from my home.
Up close of one of the bridesmaid's bouquets.  It has Lavender, Garden Roses, Wheat, Grass stalks and blue Thistle.

A very pretty lady both inside and out!

The boutonnieres were made with raw cotton harking to her Southern roots) and Lavender with a few other bits.

The ceremony site was at the base of a 200 year old Sycamore tree.  I hung curtains from another couple of trees with 2 old barn doors staked into the ground as an entrance.  Right over the vow site was hung a beautiful chandelier, with a few others scattered about.

Those are vintage purses hung on the doors with flowers in them.  In the window pane openings I hung vintage perfume bottles with a flowers in them.

The altar table.  Being the sentimental girl that I am I used my work table which I had used to create all their flower arrangements.  They also used my grandmothers crystal for the communion.

We also hung garlands in the trees over the guests heads.

The guests sat on old church pews and chairs which had tin pockets and vintage bottles with flowers as aisle decorations.

"I now pronounce you..."

Are these some beautiful grounds or what?!?

Some nearby goats...  we are a ranch after all!

The bride is a fashion designer and the groom is a writer so all though out were details that hinted at their professions.  Here is the guest "card" table.  I used vintage type trays with messages spelled out, old books, ink wells with flowers in them...  The guests names were written on scrolled up poetry or passages from their favorite books.

One of the outdoor lounges.
The barn entrance was draped in burlap and gauze and tied back with vintage fringe and tassels.

The bride is from North Carolina so we had branches draped with Spanish Moss hanging from the rafters.  Her mom picked cotton which I wove into a wreath for the back wall.

We used all my vintage china.
Each table had a different pattern of china.

Because of her southern heritage we had a tea table where a guest could take a pot of tea back to their table.  I supplied all the tea pots, cups and saucers and vintage napkins ( I know... I have tons of stuff!).

Some of the tables were barn wood with lace runners and some were round tables draped in layers of linen and tulle and hitched up with tassels and vintage broaches.

Some of the cocktail tables...

An inside lounge.  I had a vintage dress form as a node to her designer trade.

Fun details like windows hung inside with old keys and flower tied to the bottom.
I used old spools with flowers again as a nod to her profession.

Flowery prose, don't you think?

Flower patterned fabric...

The guest's names were pinned to old fashioned thread bobbins.

All in all it really was so beautiful!!

Goodness I don't post for awhile and then I don't know when to quit!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!
Blessings all!


  1. Absolutely stunning, beyond amazing and simply magical!! Everything is so gorgeous Tricia, it makes me want to have another wedding!

  2. Wow, that is so gorgeous, I'm sure the happy couple had the most perfect day.

  3. I am speechless.....i really are so incredibly talented......i am in awe.

    Pixie x

  4. I don't remember seeing a more beautiful wedding.
    Makes me wonder why anyone would want anything else.


  5. OMG Tricia this is absolutely breath-taking! And you won't believe this but I'd pinned several of these pixs from Pinterest without even knowing they were your Event! Your Styling is beyond fabulous my Friend and I can imagine this young couple and their Family and Guests will remember this Enchanting Wedding and be talking about it for years to come!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Had to go back and look at it all twice... WOW, I can only imagine how much work went into Styling such a fabulous Fantasy Wedding. And now to sit back and enjoy the visuals of all your hard work & know how happy everyone was with it all must make you feel very proud indeed! Everything was picture postcard perfect.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Absolutely beautiful wedding. Your attention to all the details totally makes this wedding visually stunning!! Makes me want to get married all over again. :o)

  8. I just came over via Carole from Maynard Greenhouse. I am almost speechless. I only have enough coherent thought to say it is all breathtaking and inspirational and I will be back to look at more but I've already missed dinner and sat here for hours perusing...


  9. I'm pretty much speechless! What a magical space you created. Every little detail is picture-perfect.

    And wow you're doing the Harvest Faire in Eugene this weekend? Any way you can make FaerieCon on the east coast this falll?

  10. Phew, I finally got here! It's been a mad house around here my gorgeous friend...oh Tricia - you never cease to astound me with your incredible talent and your knack for including every little detail. This wedding is beyond beautiful! I am quite speechless...the grounds are indeed very beautiful, and I would kill for your collection of bits and pieces. Thankyou so much for sharing all of your goodness with us - I just love my visits here - you, darling, are a true inspiration xxx

  11. LOVED the wedding!! A magical place to marry! I received the butterfly wreath = gorgeous! I blogged about it with your writeup - it will appear on Saturday Thank You!!!! Love, Linda

  12. Tricia, I just found you & YOUR MAGIC!!!! WOW is all I can say... my jaw is on the floor. FABULOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing. And I don't want to miss a single thing you do so YOU are going on my sidebar!!!!
    A NEW FAN! Charlene

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  14. Hi Tricia,

    Thanks for leaving such a sweet and thoughtful comment on my Practical Magic post. I am commenting here in order not to mess with the number of comments on your PM post because of your generous giveaway. (By the way -- lovely wedding!)

    Your kind words were so uplifting and like a gift for sure -- just what I needed right now. A heartfelt thanks!


  15. I could die happy now (not that I would really) because at this moment my eyes and mind and heart are overflowing with all of the beauty I just saw in this post... Absolutely gorgeous work.

    It also makes me feel less guilty about my collection of tablecloths, china, flatware, etc.

  16. Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!

    We have all the cotton you could ever need... its all we do, and we are the best! US GROWN AND OWNED~!

  17. There's so much beautiful inspiration here that I can barely take it all in! I love the floral adornments and the drapes!

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