Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The winner of the butterfly wreath is....

First my apologies to everyone for being a day late on the drawing...  you know what they say...  "a day late and a dollar short".  Well at least I am not a dollar short this time.

I had my random number generator (my husband) give me a number between one and 55 (the number of people who are followers and who commented on the post).  He came up with 54.  This matches a wonderful woman by the name of Linda Carole Bloom.

I went to her blog and was surprised that I had not seen it before.  I thought I had peeked into all of the "blogger creates" posts.  I am so happy such a lovely person won it.  Not only is she a creative person with a great studio she is also a critical care nurse.  She did the most beautiful post on nurses, photos of their hands doing their work, it brought tears to my eyes!  Please go and visit her blog, it is lovely!  Unfortunately I have had my share of family and friends in critical care and I understand as much as one can how incredibly important these amazing people are.
One of my friends who is no longer with us was in critical care for many months.  I made a wreath for her which then proceeded to circulate all over the ward and everyone had their pictures taken with it on, generating much laughter.  Soooo....  it is my wish that Linda wear it to work and see what happens.
Linda I will email you through your blog and get your address so I can send this off to you,  Thank you so much for what you do!  It is of such importance and value!  I would gladly make you a hundred wreaths for what you do!!!
Also thank you to everyone who came by for a visit and left such lovely comments.  You are all very special to me!
Blessings to everyone!!!

P.S.  She has dogs...  I hope they do not mind a few cat hairs.  Maybe she can tell them they are butterfly hairs...


  1. Congrats to Linda...you lucky gal!!!

    Tricia, you are such a kind and generous soul to offer up one of your beautiful wreaths! I checked out Linda's blog, and you're right, it is lovely, and I started following it too :)

    Blessings to you and the "kitty gang."

  2. Yes! Linda is indeed a very lucky woman! Your handy work is so incredibly beautiful Tricia!! I'm so glad you had fun at the party. Yes, you are right... it is a lot of work but it's a labor of love. I think I've got at least one or two years left in me!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Lucky girl, I missed this give-away and I have an event I could wear it to in October! Any more give-aways coming up???? I just love your creations!!!

  4. random number generator (my husband)" ... that is hysterical!

    Oh! Linda is so lucky to have won that gorgeous butterfly wreath, but luckier are the people who she takes care of. I am making sure I visit her blog.

    Wonderful posts as usual Tricia. I am still due to make a special post for my crazy hat from the Mad Tea Party. Thanks again!

  5. That's lovely! I can't think of anyone more deserving :)

  6. Your blog is beautiful! I'm really enjoying all the faeries and florals. :) I can't find where to join your site tho lol

  7. Hey pretty girl, I just told a whole group of girls about your blog. We're all going to Jennifer Hayslips's (sweeteyecandy) event in October, "Once Upon a dream." It's a fairy tale kind of event with fairies and laurel pins and other fairy items for their swaps so I thought your blog would be perfect for inspiration. I registered to late for the swaps so I may just make my own! Hope you're having a great weekend, xoxo-your blog stalker cindy

  8. Oh my gosh... what I wouldn't do for a hat like that! To walk the streets of "Hollow Woods" wearing that hat! Ahhhh! ;) So glad I found you! When is your next give away? Relly, come visit; the fairies are waiting!


  9. This is the second time today I have seen a headpiece with butterflies on it. The first one was MacQueen's fashion event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Google it for a great YouTube video of the collection!)

    P.S. I like yours best! 8-)

  10. Congrats to Linda... and I love the idea of Butterfly Hairs!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Congratulations Linda. It sounds like you well deserve it! Vanna