Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another dish for the Movable Feast...

Hello everyone I just wanted to mention that Ruthie over at 5 Precious Things had a lovely addition to the why-we-blog question.  She speaks about several aspects of the subject but I found resonance with her thoughts on how and why we choose to share the parts of ourselves we do.  Instead of trying to paraphrase her (and probably botching it up)  I will just encourage you to visit her site for yourselves.  It is a beautiful and magical blog and in addition to taking on such heavy questions as this she also shares her art and her enchanted slice of Scotland.  Do go and visit...


  1. thank you sweetheart for "getting" me ;-) Here's to all the good, beautiful and thoughtful things. Your latest visit bought me much heartfelt loveliness. So glad to have found you x x

  2. Hi there....found you through Bohemian have a very interesting spot here. I'll be back again.


  3. Thanks for the link to Ruthie's Blog, I will most certainly pop over for a visit and some good bedtime reading. *winks* Thanks for dropping by with such kind words about my Blog. Yes, my Lists are quite long too on who and what I Love... but better to Love than any other emotion and choice don't you think?

    With Love from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian