Monday, May 2, 2011

The Winner of the give away

First thank you to all that entered my little give away.   I love my new home and and thrilled to see you folks joining me here. Thank you, Thank you!
So... on to the winner!
I wasn't sure how to go about choosing the winner so decided to enlist the help of the kitties.

Abby was the comp supervisor to make sure everything was done properly (he is good at observing the goings on around here).

Cleo-Swagatum-Patternip eagerly offered to be the chooser (for a kibble fee).

And Solo was the double check chooser (cause he likes to be a part of whatever is going on).

So first I wrote the names of all the participants on strips of paper, gathered some of the Kittie's toys and a cardboard box

Then I taped one name to each toy.  Meanwhile Cleo inspected the box to make sure it met with Feline Board of Games and Competition approval.  It did (though it sure took her a long time!).

I turned the box on its side, tossed in the balls and then let the kitties do their job.

Cleo went in the box.

She sized up the situation.

Abby inspected and gave his OK.

Then Cleo made a selection and batted it our of the box.

Solo then took over,

And double checked the choice.

Cleo then made sure the ball was actually the one she chose and that Solo didn't pull any funny business.

And so it is unanimous...  Lisa with Medieval Muse is the winner.  Now I happen to know that Lisa is a major cat lover so I am wondering if a little cat nip didn't trade paws earlier...  hmm.

Congratulations Lisa.  If you will email me your address I will pop it in the mail for you.

That was so much fun I think I will do another one in the not too distant future.  Maybe when I hit 50 followers.

Thank you everyone!


  1. Congratulations Lisa! Tricia, your little kitties are so cute x

  2. Congrats to Lisa! LOL love your creative selection method!!

  3. I am beyond thrilled (sent you an email), but I'll also gush here. What a box of enchanting, beautiful things - the wrapping, tags are all made of magic too!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I appreciate all the "help" you had making the selection. Now I see why Mab and Frick cannot leave the box alone:)