Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"I'm not dead yet" and the magical gypsy wagon faerie party….

Hello Blog land,
"I'm not dead yet"  to quote a favorite line out of Monty Python.  Life is so full, I have just been living and not blogging.  My intention is to start up again, I miss my connection with all of you (that is if you are still there).  I love that I can share so many more pictures and thoughts here than on Face Book.  I love the artistic presentation of my blog so much more than FB too!  And I am definitely all about artistic presentation!
Many events, both weddings and regular life, have happened since I last checked in.   Pretty much all good, even the challenging ones too…  Life is funny that way.  There is good in all things, even if we don't see it right away.
One of my favorite developments is…  (drum roll please)  I am so proud to say that I am now officially a regular contributor to Faerie Magazine.  I have loved that magazine since I first saw it many years ago and now I am so very honored and thrilled to truly be a part of it! Some of my favorite people are involved with it.  Carolyn Turgeon is the editor and chief.  I didn't realize that she is the same Carolyn Turgeon who has written several books that I love, two of which are Godmother and Fairest of Them All.  Kim Cross, the founder and publisher is the one I had the pleasure of working with when they published my Faerie Wedding.  She kind of launched the Faerie aspect of me…  Thank you Kim!  I also had a pleasant surprise when I discovered that the art director was none other than one of my favorite blogs from the past, Medieval Muse's own Lisa Gill.  She is a major cat lover like me so we know she must be a wonderful person!!!  Now if you also count all the contributors…  it is a whose who of the fantasy realm.  You've no idea how amazing it felt to be in the same magazine as Charles Vess and Brian and Wendy Froud!  Super heady stuff I tell ya!!!  I feel like I have found a beautiful home and I am so happy!    The faeries have indeed been good to me.  Through their love and guidance my artistic creative life has been so rewarding and full!
One of the most fun things I have done lately is finally tackle the old Gypsy Wagon I've had for ages.

 I received it in a trade somewhere around 8 years ago but the work required to bring it up to scratch was more than I could deal with, that is until a couple of months ago.  My sweetie Vince and I decided to tackle it so I could have a lovely place to call my own.  He had his man cave but I didn't have my own sacred space.  He has not only the carpentry skills to pull it off but an artist's soul AND eye.  I am a very lucky lady!  Now I have this amazing retreat place that is both nurturing and inspiring.  It is truly my sacred space and here I sit in my beautiful wagon writing this post right now.  You will see it as part of an article I wrote for Faerie Magazine on Children's imaginative parties.  Vince and I had a blast hosting a Faerie-Gypsy costume tea party with four young girls at the wagon.  Vince shot it and now you will get to see the results in the magazine in Autumn.  I believe it comes out in September.  I have posted a few shots that I know didn't make it in the magazine so I won't be giving too much away.  It was an explosion of COLOR and oh so much fun!!!!!!
Here are a few eye candy pictures to feed your imagination and heart…

Notice what she is reading?…  major, gratuitous plug!

The lovely ladies… top to bottom…
Lokelani, Sage, Alexandra

All dressed in their finery…

Kyla's mom is an amazing clothing and hat designer.  The hats the girls are wearing as well as the purple hat below and the flower in Sage's hair are from her.   Her beautiful creations are called Garden of Gaia and she can be found in a few boutiques in Santa Barbara.  

Here is the inside looking towards the back…  That bench seat I practically live on!

Looking towards the front on the right…

Looking towards to front on the left…


Here are a couple of before shots so you can see how far we came!

I can tell you that I ADORE this wagon!  It is my haven and precious sacred space!  I am so very grateful!

I have also been painting a lot lately.  Vince very kindly, yet still mortifying to me, talked to an art dealer about showing my work and much to my surprise, he said absolutely they were gallery material.  He had several suggestions about how to find the right gallery and location so we are slowly 
pursuing that.

I am quite stunned to think that I might actually be able to sell my work for what is a considerable sum of money!  To actually be able to be a professional painter just boggles my mind!!!

Here are some pieces I am working on…

Many of these are quite large…  up to 4' high and 3' wide.  

Many of these are based on some of Vince's photography.  He is an amazing wildlife photographer who then takes his shots and manipulates the colors in Photoshop.  The first time I saw one of his pics I knew I had to paint it.  Look what he has started!!!

The following ones are based on his photos…

Many of these are not quite finished yet.  I LOVE painting these…  I get lost and hours go by.  It really is a meditation for me!  

  Though I think I need to push my boundaries a bit and try a little more color, they seem a little flat : )  

There is so much to report…  almost a years worth of activity!  Wow!  Has it really been that long!  Life moves way too fast!  But, I am having fun, and that is what it is all about for me!

I will try to post more regularly now.  Tomorrow, Faerie Magazine's online newsletter is posting a ridiculously flattering piece on me and the articles I've written.  I am kind of blushing at the moment with a huge grin on my face!  I will post a link here as soon as it is posted.  

Golly…  soooo much goodness.

I hope you are all well and thriving!

Be back soon, I promise!

Like,  real faerie promises…

Enchanted Faerie Blessing to you!

Tricia Saroya 


  1. Wow, just wow, Tricia - I am so happy for you. The universe has opened her doors to you and the magic is flowing. I love everything, the gypsy wagon, those adorable little fairies (how lucky they are to play dress ups with you), and your awesome art. Can't wait to see more xxx

  2. Oh, what a beautiful transformation - simply amazing!

  3. I saw your name in the Faerie Magazine email I get and I thought "Wow that name sounds familiar!" Lol! I do love that gypsy wagon, very nice work!

  4. welcome back ---- that wagon is wonderful ---all the texture and color .

  5. Glad life has been so wonderful! What a magical wagon! Such a transformation! And your art is amazing! Love the realistic style with dreamlike colour! Glad to see you posting again!

  6. Love love love all the colour! Good to hear from you. Now I will have to go find that magazine to see more:)

  7. Lovely to see you blogging again. The gypsy wagon looks fabulous.

  8. It's wonderful to see you posting!
    And what a beautiful, bountiful life you are living now:-D everything you touch becomes magical... Your paintings are incredible Tricia. Very happy to see things are great for you.
    Big hugs!!

  9. Hi, Your post made me want to share a favourite TV programme from the 70's here in the UK. It's based on a book called The Diddakoi by Rumer Godden, and I believe you will love the Gypsy Wagon made for Kizzy in this, the story's fab too!

  10. Congratulations on getting to work on Faerie Magazine! :-)

    I love your gypsy wagon, it's sooo beautiful and the party looks like a dream, I'm sure the girls will remember it for the rest of their life.

    So pleased to see such wonderful things happening for you. xxx

  11. Welcome back and Congrats on being Published and of coarse your Gypsy Vardo, which is pure Enchantment! So glad to get caught up on all you've been up to enjoying Life fully! So glad to see you again in the Land of Blog my Friend... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Oh what a magical world!! And congrats to you as well!! Such an amazing accomplishment! And I have to say, I LOVE that owl painting!!! the colors! wow!!!! xoxo

  13. Life is indeed so fast moving, but I am thrilled that you are back! (I've been a very sporadic blogger, myself)
    Dear Tricia, you are magical and supremely talented, and I congratulate you on all of this wonderfulness! (Is that a word?)
    MAGICAL and stunning...your art, your sacred space...the sweet gypsy love love.
    ~ Irina

  14. oh I missed this post! and I am so very in love with the painting and that wagon! My favorite painting is of the horse, he is looking at me. I have a love for horses though I have never been around them. I am so happy for you Tricia, and I adore your happiness and new life, you deserve it! :D

  15. LOVE this wagon! If I had something that cool, it would take a crowbar to get me out of there... for reals!