Friday, October 24, 2014

It's a Frightful tale… A Fanciful Twists Halloween party!!!!!

Well Helllooooo there!  I have been off with the faeries and witches and haven't posted in a while.  At the last minute I joined Ms Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for her Halloween party…  well I simply couldn't miss such a fun extravaganza!  After you have read about my exploits click on the link and head over to the Pumpkin Queen herself, Ms Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for even more wonderful doings!

First I need to take care of some house keeping duties.  I never did posted a winner from the last blog party I was a part of…  My kitties drew a name out of a hat and it was Ms Shell of A Swan of Dreamers who won the tea cup!  Shell email me your address and I will send your cup via faerie post asap!  Sorry about the delay.  When you play with Faeries time does funny things!   I will post about my adventures soon, promise…

Now on to our Halloween adventures…
"As I was working in the lab late one night, my eyes beheld an erie sight…."  no wait a minute…  thats the Monster Mash…

Well… late one after noon I was wandering around and went into a little used part of our garden when I spied an encampment of sorts that had not been there before…

Cautiously I approached and beheld what looked like an apothecary shop…  

It looked like someone was in there…

  There appeared to be an old witch laboring over a cauldron mumbling to herself. 

I got quite close but she didn't seem to take any notice of me…

The crow on her head cawed and flapped his wings but she just kept on stirring…

I cautiously had a look around at the absolutely crammed packed shelves.

Bones of all shapes and sizes…

Many odd bottles containing what looked to be ingredients and some finished potions…


Mummy's head!  Wow!  She looked to have been quite pretty…  I wonder who she was…

Some truly horrible stuff… ugg!  Gremlin skulls and rat tails!!!

There were some lovely things though like Mermaid Song and Star Dust.

And wonder of all!  Mermaid Hair!  It flashed and sparkled and was the most beautiful shade of purple!

There were some bizarre shaped skeletons with feathers…  I didn't ask…  Not that she would have answered anyway.  She still hand't noticed me…

Yuck!!!  I mean really…  Ogre Dandruf?!?  What in the world would you need that for!

There were sone really creepy things…

Hmmm… I wonder if this is her family?  There is a slight family resemblance…

She obviously seemed to have a sense of humor…  

Some items sounded quite familiar…
Poly Juice Potion, Felix Felicis, Veritaserum…   where have I heard those names before?

There was a table with all sorts of mysterious items on it…

Beautiful crystal and glass balls…

More ingredients…

Off to one side there looked to be a waiting room of sorts…

Hmmm…  maybe I'm not the only one who couldn't get her attention.  I think he's been waiting a looooooong time!

I found her sign…

"blood letting, leaches"…  I am definitely sticking with the local med center… eeeuuuuuwwwww!

I ventured out of her shop and down the road a bit.   She had definitely made herself at home,  her laundry was hanging out to dry…

Bloomers!  Definitely an old world kind of lady… 

I heard faint music playing so I followed my ears over to an area I hadn't been to before.

I couldn't believe my eyes…

A cemetery!?!?!

There looked to be some recent activity…

I couldn't tell if they were burying things or digging them up, I am not sure I wanted to know…

Odd tomb stones…

It looks like they are all in the music and entertainment business…

As well as friends…  with a bizarre sense of humor…

The music was louder here but the only living thing I saw was this graveyard kitty…

But then I turned around and saw…

Hmmmm…  I wonder if Jerry knows about this?

and finally the source of the music…

Nothing but skin and bones…. well actually just bones but he could sure play!

There seems to be a mix up in stories…

I swear I didn't eat any of those colored dots!  I did have a swig from the bottle 
by the banjo player though…

Well before the Munchkins and Dorothy show up and then inevitably the men in the white coats I decided to retrace my steps and pretend that is was all a dream… 

I passed this fellow on the way out.  He said something about the Gypsies showing up next week and to come back for some more of what was in the green jug.  I heard laughter as I started to run…  

I hope you enjoyed my tale…
Come back and visit the end of next week and see if I returned.  I do so love Gypsies!  
The stuff in the jug tasted pretty good…..

Happy Halloween everyone!

PS  I am sure that many of you recognized the labels on the potions bottles…  Yes, they are from the queen pumpkin witch herself, Ms Vanessa.  You can have some too.  Just go to her etsy shop and pick from several beautiful and magical styles!


  1. OMG, I'm pretty sure I was in that same Waiting Room at the ER with the Grandson this week! *LOL* So Glad you joined the Party... I'm having Apothecary Shop Envy right now!!! And still Smiling about the Image with "Please Eat Before Recording"!!! *LMAO* Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... and I can't wait to hear of all your Fairie Adventures in Future Posts... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So much wonderful things, I would have been tempted to stay at the party! I loved the gravestones, very witty. :-)

    Here is the link to my party if you've made it back home safe. :-)

  3. OH my!!! I so want my garden to look like this!...And I could be the old hag mwahahahahaha :D XXX

  4. What a great garden! Thank you for having me over to your party. I hope to see you at mine soon as well...just don't get stuck in that waiting room!

  5. Wonderful! Very scary indeed!

  6. Spooktacular Fun Party Post! Hope you'll fly by my Are You A Good Or Bad Witch? Halloween Party & Be Blessed with powerful Wiccan Wishes... Enchantingly Yours, Lyndy Ward >^..^<

  7. Time IS such a funny thing. We all get the same amount, so they say, but it gets lost so easily. It has been forever since I've been around to vist, yet you make me feel so at home it is like no time has passed.
    I do adore gypsies, so maybe I'll troupe back!

    You make me so ashamed that I have done nothing with my yard - and I already have the cemetery. Luckily those bones seem to stay buried.

    I can keep blabbering on as I do not wish to leave, but there are miles of parties to attend.
    How rare to get such full locks of Mermaid hair.
    Whatever is that with all the teeth (?) behind the mummy's head?

  8. Tricia, I am always enchanted and delighted by your artistry. I enjoyed your Halloween tale immensely!! Yay I won. I will be sending you my address. Happy Halloween, my friend.

  9. Oooooh--a Halloween wonderland! Love--love--love--the apothecary! And the chandelier in the graveyard--how decadent! I would love to be able to decorate outside more.
    Thanks for the wonderful time!

    Have a Happy Halloween!
    Chris / Spiritdog Studios

  10. This is perhaps the most elaborate Halloween party I've seen and I. am. in. love! I love the post-apocalyptic feel. Magnificent! Thank you for such an awesome party!!

    If you have a moment, perhaps you will come and sit for a spell?

  11. Tricia, you always blow me away!! My goooooodnesssss!!

    This is amazing, I wish I was there! the labels look awesome on your bottles!!!!

    WOWie WOWie, will you have people over for a real life party? This is magnificent beyond words!!

    Every curious detail, gasping!

    Thank you for being a part of the Halloween party magic!! <3, Vanessa.

  12. What a spooktakular collection you have! Is that you dressed up as a witch at the cauldron? Fabulous! Party on!! Hugs! deb

  13. Oh, I want this in my back garden!!! Sooooo Coool! great story too! love the brown tones, and your blog background!
    hope you can visit me at Plumfield
    see you there, Celeste

  14. You'd best mind your step deary, I most certainly saw you taking uninvited sips of my brews! You'll be having to pay for that now, won't you? Hope you're ready, please come see me again.... cackle cackle....and no leave those pesky faery friends of yours behind next time, they were into the mermaid song as well as the sauce!!! Be forwarned, I always get my due deary!!!

  15. What an amazing thing to find in your yard! ^_~
    I hope that you do get some more of whatever is in that green jug... it seems to induce the most fabulous dreams! =D

    Happy Halloween!!!

  16. Dee-lightful!! I apologize for my lateness to the party, but so glad I stopped by!
    Happiest Halloween!

  17. Absolutely magical! I've been scrolling up and down taking it all in. We just celebrated our 23rd annual Halloween party and it's always fun to find inspirations on others blogs. Halloween hugs!

  18. Oh wow, I'm blown away! What a set-up, I would love to visit that for Halloween. Amazing!

  19. Such an amazing, magical, wonder-full post. I've just been scrolling up and down, down and up, to make sure I didn't miss anything! Thank you for a wonderful time...Happy Halloween!

    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  20. Beautiful as usual! It wouldn't have been halloween without you. Blessings. Betsy.

  21. WOW,now that's a Halloween tale! What a creepy witch and hilarious banjo playing skeleton, (come by and see mine!) I will try and swing by later to see how it continues? Ends? Thanks for this spooktacular Fun!!! ;)

  22. Oh my gosh Tricia your party is absolutely amazing! Those crystal balls are giving me stars in my eyes, so gorgeous!

  23. I very much enjoyed your tale, I had a wonderful time. You put a lot of time into your props and I loved your photos. I am running a little late but here I am. Please visit my party:

  24. Love this! HAPPY HALLOWEEN. -xoxoxo

  25. Wow! Really I must say, you planned very challenging adventures at your end for your guests at the best halloween party nyc. I know it would be tough but still I would love to try it at my dreaming party too.

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