Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Beautiful Bouquet and some new Etsy listings...

If you are looking for my offering on "Where Bloggers Create" click here and it will take you to my post.  It was a huge party where everyone visited each other's creative work spaces and studios.  I think there were over 300 participants!  Lots of windows to look in!  It was all hosted by Karen over at My Desert Cottage.  Thank you so much Karen,  I had a blast!
I am also having a drawing on August 1st for a fun Faerie Wreath that I made.  For details see my post for Where Bloggers Creates.  The blog party was tons of fun and if you haven't seen any of it I recommend having a look both at my post...  (a sample picture)

and at the other participants posts (click here or on the image of "Where Bloggers Create" on the side bar).  So many fun work spaces, everyone is so creative!
Here is the wreath I am holding the drawing for...

So on to today...   I am just rambling about some fun summertime projects I have been working on...
I made a pretty bouquet the other day, just for fun.  I saw these amazing Cobra Lillies and thought how much fun it would be to make an unusual bouquet with them.

It feels kind of woodsy and natural with a sophisticated edge.

It is a mixture of Cobra Lillies, chocolate Queen Ann's Lace, garnet Scabiosas, Bunny Tails (what a cute name...  it is the green fuzzy "tail" like looking (flower?) looks like Millet kind of), chocolate Cotinas foliage and Nigella pods.
Look at the details in the Cobra Lillies... and the deep rich burgundy of the Scabiosa.  It feels vibrant to me like a beautiful Rubie.  I also tucked in black feathers that had a magical iridescent to them.

I gave it a collar of green Millet and then wrapped the stems in Birch Bark and then over wrapped the bark with twine to hold it in place. 
 I also used a bit of vintage embroidered velvet ribbon at the top and bottom of the stems and then attached a vintage brass key  

I love it when I get to play with flowers just for fun!

I also made some additions to my Etsy store,  I have been working on and off on a crazy fun Faerie House.  Well I finally finished it...  Take a peak...

On the porch railing next to some garden tools is a tiny Owl.

The back... complete with a hanging swing...
I made little cushions for the swing and gave it a beaded fringe...  definitely a bohemian faerie...

It has a ton of detail...  here is the front porch with it's clear cobble stone deck and fun beaded trim on the eves...
A peak inside through the hanging fringe curtains....  Hmmm, could belong to Faeries from India, or maybe Gypsy Faeries...
I made a table of a vintage thread spool with a glass top with two twig chairs.  On the wall are two framed faerie portraits.  One is in a silver shadow box with jewels inside.  There is even a chandelier hanging over the table (you can just see the bottom of it in the picture).

Looking down at one side...
The other side view...
Up close of the front.  There are little vignettes of potting areas, beaded flowers and mushrooms.
I have clear Christmas lights all over it and in the inside too.  It looks so cool at night!  Not really sure I want to sell it.
I also added this beautiful vintage turquoise bracelet.  Not sure if it is Navajo or Zuni, could be either stylistically.  It is from the 70's or earlier.  The color is wonderful!  A deep, deep ocean blue green.  You can loose yourself in the depths!

I also made this crystal Faerie Wand...
I attached a calcite crystal to a Birch branch and then wrapped it with silver wire, faux pearls and attached other fun bits...
The end has the tip of a pine cone attached.
Well I hope you like all my goodies and are having a fun summer...
Lots of sunny warm blessings,


  1. Tricia! I am shrinking myself and flying across the ocean to come live in that fairy house! You are incredible! I love everything...and that crystal wand is divine! And I have to tell you, my beautiful hat arrived in the post the other day! I am still jumping up and down - thankyou from the bottom of my heart - it is gorgeous!!! I am waiting for Spring so I can do it justice with some photos in the garden to share on my blog...sigh...

  2. Tricia I'm just blown away with your faerie house...and the wand.. now I did comment on the where women create post and this time I have all toes crossed and fingers and I'm wishing so hard that I'm going crossed eyed LOL have a great evening Hugs wendy

  3. wow!
    your creations are incredible!!!!!
    there's so many little amazing details, you are a genius!

  4. Oh please please please can i live in that house...i really think i would fit......i promise i would sweep the porch every day and keep it just lovely.......
    Pixie x

  5. OMG Tricia I would live in such a House as that fab Faerie House!!! *winks, its just my Style*

    Thank you for your sweet, kind words to my celebration of Life Post... Princess T will be over the Moon when the package arrives... she will probably want to Party and Sleep in it. *LOL* Mom is having some good days and that is when we celebrate her Life, when she is having a day where she still feels well enough to enjoy this side of Time and Eternity.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I love your work. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Dear Friend... go to my Blog Post to see what brought tears to my eyes today when the UPS Van arrived laden with packages from a very Special Person... words cannot express the gratitude...
    Big Bohemian Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian and Princess T

  8. Hola Tricia, your world is truely beyond words...!!!
    sending you my admiration from Chile

  9. Hi Tricia!
    I came over from my friend Dawn's place where I saw the amazing hat you created!.....Your blog and creations took my breath away! (I'm sure you hear that a lot *winks*) Your newest follower Vanna

  10. Oh you are amazing! I love the faerie house, it's amazing! How did you start, did you take photos along the way? I love every bit of it! I want one too!! Do you ever have classes to teach how to do all the wonderful things you do? I would come! Have a great weekend! xoxo-cindy

  11. What GORGEOUS lilies! I've never seen that type before. I can imagine how beautiful they are to behold in person. :) Your faerie house is stunning - I think I should very much like to live there. :) And the bracelet is beautiful, too. And the wand...ok, I love everything! LOL Thank you for sharing.

  12. Tricia, thanks for your comments to my Tranquility Tour Post... it really warms our Hearts when anyone remembers to thank The Man & other Military Men & Women for their sacrifice & Service... it happens more often now than in the Vietnam Era & it makes him feel appreciated for all that he's given & sacrificed since the 1960's. Yes, I spent many years single parenting while he was deployed & it is particularly difficult for children when they know a Parent is in a combat situation & the news is constantly covering the horrors of War.

    I'm really enjoying that for now he's finally feeling somewhat well enough to do some spontaneous trips like we used to... the VA wants to do another major surgery but we're heavily weighing whether or not he wants to attempt to endure yet another reconstruction... I'm thinking NOT.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert my Friend... every time I look at that delightful Hat you sent us it makes me feel like a Party! *winks* ... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Love the acid green + plum, purple hues together. That is the most beautiful flower arrangement I've ever seen. And "bunny tales". YES! Is there a flower/foliage called "kitten paws"? If not, there should be.

    i want to shrink myself down to fit in that fairy house so I can take up residence:) Spectacular work!

  14. Your world is magic.Adorable Faerie House!!!
    Hugs from Argentina.

  15. That beautiful wand stole my heart! Oh gosh this post is full of such beauty, what a magical, wonderful world!