Friday, May 13, 2011

My Etsy Shop.... Whoopee!!

Yea!  I have finally opened an Etsy shop.  I have wanted to for ages now but...  well you know how it can be.  Now I have a place to sell my faerie creations and the beautiful old Native American jewelry I love so much.
Zuni needlepoint turquoise bracelet
Navajo or Zuni turquoise cluster bracelet
Zuni needlepoint bracelet
Santo Dominga heshe and inlaid shell necklace
Navajo Squash Blossom necklace
Navajo stamped silver pin

 I have also made a few bouquets with vintage beaded  and Milliner's flowers.  So much fun!!
A white beaded and milliners flower bouquet
A matching boutonniere
A wild green beaded flower bouquet with lots of Peacock feathers

The stems are wrapped in vintage sari trim
A matching boutonniere
A lovely bronze and rust color bouquet with Pheasant feathers

Here are some of my faerie creations...
I call then Faerie shield earrings, here is a green mossed pair...
Here is a locket with a drawing of a green faerie and faerie dust and sparkles.
Anyway there's tons more so go have a look.  

Hope you like what you see...

Be forewarned the goodies are not cheap...

Oh well, I have always had champagne taste...  sigh!

Blessings everyone!


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