Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This old ranch...

I wanted to share some pictures of the magical ranch I live on.  We feel like we live in a time warp here.  Once you pull onto the property life seems to slow down, it is wonderful!

There are delightfully aged abandoned buildings scattered about.

I would love to restore this before it is too far gone...  It was built around 1915 used to be a stable for horses.

The old wood is so beautiful.  No mater how hard folks try you just can't mimic the look of aged wood.

It has the most glorious rafters.

A tree has grown up right through the middle...  isn't that wonderful?  If I had the money I would make this building into the most amazing home...  and I would definitely keep the tree.

Or I guess I should say trees...

Here you can see the top of the trees, they are rather huge!

All of the buildings have such beautiful doors.

There is a paddock adjoining the building with another tree going out of the side...

Looking down the front of the building towards another paddock.  Those are the foreman's horses in the distance.

Another view of,  it is so magical especially in the setting sun.  Part of what is so lovely here is how peaceful everything is.  Just the sound of the ocean in the distance and the birds.  As the evening comes in the crickets start to sing.  Just beautiful!

My husband is doing some work nearby and we both feel like is it almost a sacrilege to start up the power tools.

However some "noise" suits the place wonderfully...

This is Tomas, our neighbor.

He has worked on the ranch for 30 plus years.

Can't you just hear the music for the "Milagro Bean field Wars" playing softly in the distance?

We even have old Amorante's pig living down at the end of the street...

If you haven't seen the movie I can't recommend it enough!  Directed by Robert Redford back in the 90's it is about a small magical New Mexico village and how they adjust with the modern era.  Absolutely delightful!

Gosh I love this little "Milagro" ranch...



  1. What an amazing place!! Love the vertical space of the barn and the trees - I'd keep those too! Bet the cats would love to play on them.

  2. Boy are you correct! This is Disneyland for the kitties! If ever Queen Mab and Frick would like to visit they and you would be most welcome!

  3. Three houses back, my mom and stepdad built a tree right into their kitchen design. It was lovely. When they sold the house, the new owner promptly removed it. Sigh. Why buy the house if you don't love the best parts of it!?
    I have seen the movie, ages ago. Might be time for another viewing. It reminds me of when I lived in New Mexico.