Monday, April 25, 2011


So as promised...  My first give away! 

This is in honor of my new blog home, and as I sailed right past my first anniversary of blogging (March 2010) it will also be a belated one-year birthday present to you my audience!  All you have to do to win these goodies is to become a follower, leave me a comment please and talk about my blog and give away on your blog if you have one, if you don't have a blog, no worries enter anyway (not too much to do I hope...  and yes it is a bribe).
I will pick the winner on Monday May 2nd.  Maybe I will have the kitties choose...
The goodies are very much a reflection of who I am (scary huh?) and what I love (and I made the nest just for you!).

Natural, woodsy, faerie bits...

"a faerie's nest filled with all sorts of their mag-pie-like found objects"
There are vintage milliner and beaded flowers, moss, feathers, Quail eggs, vintage jewels,
 and dried Lavender (mmmm, smells good!).  
Dangling off the nest are old skeleton keys, and a beaded flower.

Vintage silver, lace and other antique lovelies...
I placed the nest in a vintage silver footed bowl with a lovely old lace handkerchief.
  It is not permanent so you can take it out if you like

Indian bangles just for fun!

Native American and other indigenous cultural art.
These are vintage sterling silver Navajo hoop earrings (hard to believe that 15 years old makes them vintage!!!  I must be positively antique!). 
Indian oils, incense and...  Well really most anything from India

 Indian essential oils in Rose, Liquid Amber and Krishna Musk

Really lovely incense in Rose and mini Dhoop sticks.  Not too sweet I promise.

So I hope your tastes run parallel to mine (I am truly so sorry... really!)
And I hope you enter my give away, yea!  (Please more than one person, please more than one person, please more than one person...

See you soon,


  1. Oh Tricia! Your new home is're's so 'you'. Your little nest is just gorgeous - happy blog anniversary to you my lovely friend xxx

  2. Tricia, I love your new home! Everything you do is beautiful! Hope all is well!

  3. Hi Tricia, i really love your new blog all lovely and fairyfied,just like yourself, and off course i have been a constant follower of yours and of course always shall be, great pictures of the cats by the way. X Pixie

  4. Hi Tricia I am so glad you moved over to blogspot. I have been following your a while but couldnt find out how to be a follower on the other blog. I must have been missing something obvious. I have become a member and posted on my blog

  5. Your new abode is so very lovely - thanks so much for letting me know where to find you. I'll be the "town crier" and spread the word to kindred spirits.

    Adore all of the kitty faces off to the side.

  6. OMG Tricia I'm drooling... what a fab giveaway and belated Congrats on your one year Blogaversary, my how time flies when we're having fun huh? *smiles* If this is a reflection of who you are then we simply must be twins separated at birth I think? *winks* I'm going to steal... um, I mean borrow a pix in order to add it to today's Post so that others can come behold your wonderful new space in the Land Of Blog and enter the giveaway... hey, though I would LOVE to win, we can't keep something this to ourselves, it just would be right. *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Hi Tricia!
    I love your faerie wedding! I'm hopefully getting married next spring (cash permitting!) and your photo shot is exactly what I'm aiming for! It'll be a pretty small gathering just family, close friends and the fae and I hope it will be just as magical as the wedding you created!
    With love, Little Faerie (aka

  8. Finally! I can post without having to make a new log in! Haha! What's this about a new etsy shop?? Can't wait to see what you'll have up there!
    Miss you!

  9. I can't believe you said all these things! Its sooo! LOL
    "I delight first and foremost in my husband and animal family, and secondly in lace, old trunks and books, china, Indian saris, tea, velvet, brocade, old leather boots, incense, faeries, gypsy wagons, cats, guitars, Loreena Mckennitt, Stevie Nicks, Tolkien, and J K Rowling, forests, feathers, and flowers, humming birds, and hawks, ribbons, quilts, baubles, and all manner of magical and beautiful things."