Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Steam Punk Faerie wedding!!!!!

Be warned...  TONS of pictures coming up!!!
Finally I have photos of the Steam Punk/Faerie/Victorian wedding to show you!  It was one of the most fun and magical weddings I have had the privilege of being a part of!  The bride found me through the faeries (the faerie wedding that I did) and wrote me the loveliest of emails.  They wanted a beautiful steam punk and faerie wedding and were hoping I would be able to do it.  I had to think about it for...  oh about...  2 seconds!  The groom when asked to described the feel of the wedding said "Imagine if a Zeppelin crashed landed in a faerie forest".  Isn't that great!  I had just decided to do a steam punk photo shoot as the style had been rattling around in my imagination for awhile so I was definitely all in and super excited about it!  The universe really does provide you what you ask for... it was meant to be.  Both the bride and groom are amazing artists and so we collaborated quite a bit with them making many of the things we used.   We had so many fun meetings and back and forth emails.  I actually got depressed after the wedding was over!  Only the bride and groom are supposed to have a post wedding let down!  Not me and especially after I have been doing this for 12 years!!!  I was very attached to this magical wedding!
So now let me give you our lovely couple...
By the way the extremely gorgeous photos are from Braedon Flynn, one of my all time favorite photographers! 

As I said they are both wonderful artists.  The bride actually made her own dress!
Then I wove into her skirt birds nest for a faerie element.
Isn't she beautiful!
Our groom...
Goodness I wish men dressed like this more often.  He just looks so handsome and dapper!
Here is the wedding party.
Here is one of the bride's maids.  

The bride's bouquet had bird's nests tucked in along with old skeleton keys and other found bits. 

 Hanging from it were several vintage spoons that her grandmother had collected along with a key from my grandmother and a few other fun bits.

  Along the ribbon wrapped stems I attached gears and buttons.  
Another lovely bride's maid

The grooms boutonniere as well as all the boutonnieres had fun bits attached such as feathers, keys, mini watch gears, and all were bound with ribbons and shiny copper, brass and silver wire.

The rest of the boutonnieres.
One of the groom's men.
Here is the photographer's co shooter and brother bringing in the bouquets.  Isn't he handsome?! 

All the guests with the exception of maybe 4 people came in costume.
Here is yours truly with Tonya of Soigne Productions the coordinator.  Bet you haven't seen a coordinator like that before?!
Here I am again with my most cool jacket on.
Look at this adorable guest...
The entire guest line up!

The ceremony had quite a bit of faerie touches, much more than steam punk.  That style came in for the reception.  

The vow site was at the base of a 200 year old Sycamore tree.  

I had several Asian carpets both at the altar and down the aisle.  I made this huge organic branch chandelier that was embellished with flowers and crystals.  Also in the tree branches over the guests heads we hung lots of vintage stained glass windows.
Here you can see the candles hanging off the chandelier.
One of the stain glass windows.

We staked into the ground an old barn door and then draped it with vintage lace.  Of course I had to hang a set of faerie wings up too.  And definitely lots of flowers.
Here is one of her bride's maids getting all choked up.  By the way, this lady was super cool, yet another artist!  Everybody was just really fun!
Here is the bride's dad walking her down the aisle.  Doesn't that make you tear up.  Her parents were just precious.  I want to adopt them... or vise versa.  Just loved them!
We also hung flower filled bird cages in the trees.

The entrance to the aisle had a fun wooden program-sign the bride made.
On the other side of the aisle entrance I placed another flower filled bird cage and the bride's faerie dolls.

The aisle decorations were a fun eclectic combination of bits of lace, fringe trim, tassels, and crystal chains all woven into dried honey suckle vine.  Where it attached to the pews and hay bales I added vintage silver, nests and moss baskets all filled with flowers.

A vintage purse filled with flowers.
Here you can see the aisle garland.
My BFF Nancy Little Moon was the most awesome officiant and quickly reduced me to tears with the story of their love, quotes from Tolkien, and the sound track to The Princess Bride.

The ring bearer's "pillow" was a steam punked, faerie nest.
I wove in bits of lace, watch gears and old keys.

One of the bridesmaids with the groom's men just after the ceremony.
The receptions was very steam punk.  I learned how to solder copper pipes and then made the copy of one of Leonardo De Vinci's wings to hang from the rafters.
Here is a closer view.
The bride and groom and I came up with the idea of large old fashioned clock faces to 
hang on the back wall.

The entrance to the barn was set up with all kinds of cool period decor.
The bride drew caricatures of departed family members and had a central sign that said "Wish you were here"  These drawings were amazing.  I understand from her mother that she just "banged" them out...  Wow!
The tables were named after authors either from the Victorian era or contemporary Gothic/fantasy writers or film people.  The cards that the guest's table assignments were written on were created by the bride and groom and then I hung them on an old wine bottle drying rack.
There were fun touches like the pens to sign the "guest book" were quills or beautiful Italian glass with vintage ink wells.

Some beautiful old English riding boots filled with flowers.

Some of the centerpieces and the table names.

The author of one of my favorite stories...  Stardust

A vintage ladies hat box filled with flowers.
Another hat box.
Glass cloche covered flowers.

Vintage silver containers.

Antique oil lamps

The head table had a wonderful mixture of items.  I had soldered together copper pipe "candelabras" and then laced flowers all through them.
They also had a Dia de Los Muertos kind of thing going on with a skeleton bride and groom.
We had white Peacock feathers.
Up close of my copper "candelabras"

The napkin rings were pieces of copper pipe (yes I did get a bit obsessed with pipes )
with assorted bits like watch parts, gears, broaches, etc glued on.  I also ordered from a wonderful etsy artist, gear "chargers" which I placed under each plate.

We had tons of details all over the barn like black "Victorian" faerie wings

I didn't get a great picture of this feature but it was so cool.  I made an Edison light bulb fixture that had descending hanging bulbs with the top of the cords sandwiched between two old pieces of barn wood.  This framed the entrance area of barn from the inside.

Statues dressed for the occasion...  well partially dressed that is.

Rather punked out statues.

One of the lounges complete with vintage parlor furniture and steamer trunks.

We had a great mad scientist-steam punk bar which my husband and I built.  We had Absinth
 among other lethal drinks.

The bride and groom and her parents have dogs which became the subject of a couple of paintings that the groom did.  He is an astounding artist!
Here is Abby who became "Abby-sinth" for the night.

And Mortimer became "Mor-tini"

We had a beautiful candy bar in apothecary jars

An antique clock among the sweets.

We also had Enjoy Cupcakes show up with their vintage trailer and set up a beautiful spread of the most luscious cupcakes.
Some of which I put on antique tire rims.
Here I pulled my 67 British Morris Minor up to the cupcake trailer just for giggles.

We even had a pool table by the bar!

Isn't this a GREAT picture!
The barn in full party mode.
All in all it was a great "steamy" party!!!
Thank you for hanging in to the bitter end.  I know there were lots of pics but I just couldn't eliminate any!  Believe it or not you still haven't seen all the details...  there were just so many!
Blessing to all!


  1. I don't think there could possibly ever be too many photos of this wedding, I love it so much.

    It's all the little details that make it even more special and you can see how much hard work everybody has put into it.

    I know what you mean about the post-wedding depression (even if it wasn't your wedding you still obviously dedicated a lot of time to it). I'm in the middle of preparing for my wedding in June, surrounding myself with lace, ribbons and so many wonderful things is sooooo much fun. I just know I won't know what to do with myself once it's all over.

    Rachel x

  2. Wow. Simply. Stunning. I love Steampunk, Fairies, the Literary References....the boutonnieres, EVERYTHING!!!!

    I have bookmarked this page so I can enjoy it again at some point today. My daughters will have a fit! We went to hear Neil Gaiman speak not too long ago, and we loved it! (He read three stories yet to be published :D )

    Thanks for taking the time to post all of these amazing photos. LOVE THIS POST!!! What a magical wedding.

    Ricki Jill

  3. Tricia, all i can write is GORGEUS!!!. Seeing these photos; all of your wedding photos makes me want to create wedding jewelries... steampunk is not quite my thing, but this wedding looks absolutely beautiful.

  4. OMG Tricia this doesn't even look like Earth! Faerie Heaven it is! You and Nancy look absolutely adorable too... I'm light headed with swooning over it all, you're a Creative Genius my Friend and this is a Wedding that should be in Print... I'd buy the Book or Magazine for sure! That Morris Minor and Cupcake Caravan... I Die! Everything about this was Pure Magic and Enchantment, Thank You for Inviting us to attend via the Land of Blog!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I am speachless. I can understand your let-down when it was over. I think I would want to LIVE there!

  6. Tricia !! You make me sooooooo happy !!! I can't begin to tell you how seeing this creative genius reminds me in the most beauteous of ways, that LIFE IS ABOUT ENJOYING IT AND CREATING BEAUTY !!! If EVER, you are in south Florida, please come visit me....we'd have Fairy Tea in my personal Cafe! I'll be back many times! Lady

  7. Wow. This wedding is simply faerie beautiful. I love all the little details that make it stand out. Well wishes to the happy couple. I smiled at seeing the groom's name which is my son's name, too.

  8. That has got to be the most magical wedding ever...all is can say is WoW!! and I loved your outfit BTW.,..everything was so SO beautiful..and stunning......:)

  9. Wow! This is one of the most gorgeous weddings ever! The bride and groom looked stunning - I cannot believe she created that lovely dress. :) And you looked wonderful in your steampunk finery, too. Thank you for sharing all these magical photos!!!! By the way, "Stardust" is one of my favorite tales, too!

  10. You amaze me every time you do an event or should I say an extravaganza!!!!!! OMG Trisha! This is so freaking amazing my mind has gone down the rabbit hole with you! I come to your blog to escape the the ordinary and always find the most creative, wonderful dream event down to the last detail. That's what I adore about you is your imagination and determination to get it down to well, a ....T !!! (The only thing missing were a few furry faces with funny hats! hehe)

    You should have a book published, I really mean it. I could look at the photos of your weddings and events over and over! I have a friend that has had several books published and I'm giving her your blog site and telling her to send your site to her publisher. And I'm sending an email to Jo Packman of Where Women Create next, then who ever I can think of!!!

    I have bookmarked this page to come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.........xoxoxo-your friend of furry creatures always , cindy

  11. I agree with Cindy!!! and Im speechless after that!
    Your magical and amazing!

  12. NOW I know what is Steampunk!!!
    Your creations make my heart sing, you are my favourite artist EVER!
    la Zia Artemisia

  13. Wow Tricia, that's not something you experience every day. Enchanting. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  14. This is so absolutely perfect! Awesome work you did here Tricia- how much fun it must have been:) Thanks for including loads of photos- you are right, Im glad you didnt leave any out!!

  15. Amazing!! You did a wonderful job! Everyone looks fantastic!

  16. Words can not how wondrous these photos are and I can't stop looking at them. I love everything about this post. Amazing. Each time I look, I see something new. I will stop back many times. Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. aBSOlutELy gLOriousLY AmaZINGly StuNNINGly the BESt WEddinG EveR

  18. Eeeeeeeek!!!! I am just totally in love with this blog post... all the splendor and gorgeousness... I could stay here all day. What a marvelous steampunk wedding with every little fantastic amazing scrumptious detail. Just love it and thanks so much for sharing.

  19. Absolutely AMAZING....i just loooove this post...thanks for sharing.
    Love from Berlin, Germany,

  20. I cried looking at these photos. I am soon to b married n dont have money for anything close to this but oh man I would love this kind of wedding (less punk more faeries n dragons n elves n stuff). So beautiful!!!!!!

  21. Beautiful. I could have looked at more pictures.

    What a wonderful wedding with so many talented people adding their touches.

  22. You have a brilliant mind and a beautiful imagination. I am so happy there are people like you and your friends out there in the world. You make the world a happier place. Kisses and bows :).

  23. This is, hands down, the coolest wedding I have ever seen! You work is amazing. So glad to have discovered your blog!

  24. The bride is beautiful indeed! And the whole wedding was special!
    Also congratulations on your Creative award!


  25. This is beyond amazing... wow..just wow. Makes me want to get married again! Hope you don't mind if I borrow an idea or two... this is just too fantastic.

  26. This is probably the most unique wedding I have seen and it looks absolutely lovely! It somehow reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland”. The props and costumes are amazing! There’s so much detail and it just makes me want to take home everything!

    Roslyn Housel

  27. This wedding looks so awesome! The theme is somehow bizarre for a wedding, but I am truly stunned by the costumes, props, and decorations. Everything is just so grand! It’s like attending a fairy tale wedding. I wish to have the chance to attend a wedding like this too!

    Lavonne Seaton

  28. well, very neat. thank you for the photos. This reminded me of a magazine my sister and I used to just pour over all the time an age ago (early 90s) called Victoria.

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